Withdrawal & Leave of Absence

All GSDM Students are registered automatically due to the continuous program at Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM). A student who decides not to attend, must take an official withdrawal or leave of absence. Withdrawals are initiated when the student wishes to permanently leave the University. Leaves of absence, however, are taken when the student wishes to leave the University, but intends to return in a future semester. The withdrawal or leave of absence is effective on the date the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form is complete and received in the Registrar’s office at 72 E. Concord St., B-305.

Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Forms

You may obtain the form at the Dental School, B-305, or download the withdrawal form.

The form requires the following signatures:

  • Student Signature
  • Pre-doctoral students: The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & the Registrar’s signature.
  • Post-doctoral students: The Associate Dean for Advanced Education or the Department Chairperson/Director & the Registrar’s signature.

Leaves of absence and withdrawals will be processed only for the current or a future semester. There can be no leaves of absence or withdrawals approved for a past semester. Withdrawals and leaves of absence for medical reasons are not exceptions to the University’s policy governing refunds unless the withdrawal or leave of absence is approved prior to the first day of classes of the semester and meets the effective date criteria.

A leave of absence for personal reasons is allowed. Students wishing to take a leave of absence should meet with the appropriate school representative noted above for approval. A leave of absence will be approved for one or two semesters. A student on leave who wishes to return must inform the school in writing at least six months before the beginning of the semester for which the student is returning.

Health Insurance: If a student requests an LOA, their health insurance with the university will automatically be cancelled unless they contact a representative who handles all health insurance inquiries at insmed@bu.edu or at 617-353-2870 informing the university that they want health coverage to continue.

Tuition Refund Schedule (Based on the GSDM’s Enrollment Dates)

The leave/withdrawal is effective on the date the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form is received by the GSDM Registrar’s office. All applicable signatures are required.

  • Withdrawal prior to the first day of classes/first day of orientation (new students): 100% tuition and applicable fees
  • Withdrawal during the first two weeks of classes: 80% tuition, 0% fees
  • Withdrawal during the third week of classes: 60% tuition, 0% fees
  • Withdrawal during the fourth week of classes: 40% tuition, 0% fees
  • Withdrawal during the fifth week of classes: 20% tuition, 0% fees
  • Withdrawal after the fifth week of classes: 0% tuition, 0% fees

New Students

The first day of orientation is considered the start of the academic program/first day of class. Therefore, to receive a refund of 100% for tuition and applicable fees (excluding nonrefundable tuition deposits), you must withdraw in writing before the first day of orientation.

This schedule reflects refunds of tuition only. Charges for room, board, and other University services will remain on the bill regardless of the student’s withdrawal status. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the offices involved to determine whether they are eligible for a pro-rated or other refund of those charges.

There is no provision for refund of tuition in case of involuntary separation, including disciplinary suspension or expulsion from the University. Whether or not a refund is given, and at what percentage, is at the sole discretion of the University, and refunds may be approved only by the President, Provost, Executive Vice President, or Vice President for Enrollment.

Please note: Mere absence from classes does not reduce a student’s financial obligation nor guarantee that a final grade will not be recorded. Once a student has filed an official Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form, the student’s account will be adjusted based on the date of withdrawal.

International Students on F1 or J1 visa

You must contact the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO), at 617-353-3565 prior to requesting your leave or withdrawal.

Financial Matters

A leave of absence or withdrawal may affect eligibility for grants and loans. Please contact Student Financial Services at the medical campus, A401, 617-638-5130, for more details. Recipients of financial assistance may request a refund of any credit balance in writing through Student Financial Services. All other students may request a refund in writing from Student Accounting Services 617-353-2264.