Request for Letter of Recommendation

Thank you for your request for letters of recommendation from Dean Hutter. To process your letters most efficiently, we ask that you provide the following information to the Office of the Dean at the time of your request:

  • First name, middle initial, last name, and email address.
  • Program in which you are currently enrolled.
  • Date of graduation.
  • National Board Examination results Parts I and II (if unavailable, give anticipated examination date)
  • Curriculum vitae, resume, or personal statement, which should describe your education thus far, internships, work, research, community service experiences, and student government activities during your tenure as a student at GSDM. If you are a graduate, include awards and honors you have received and work, education, research, and community experiences since leaving the School.

For PASS online application forms:

  • Send the online PASS Dean’s Evaluation Form to Kara E. Boucher in the Office of the Dean at For hard-copy letters:
  • Provide a complete list of programs to which the application is being made. This list should include name and title of director, program specialty, name of institution, and complete address.
  • Indicate whether the letter(s) and forms will be picked up by the applicant at the Office of the Dean or mailed directly to the institution by the Office of the Dean.
  • Additional forms required by the institution or agency. (Applicant portions of these forms must be filled in before submitting them to the Office of the Dean for completion.)
  • Signed information release form.

Turnaround time for processing PASS online forms, hard-copy letters, and forms is three weeks (15 business days) from the date of request. You will receive email confirmation when the letters are processed.

Submit all requests to:

Office of the Dean
Boston University
Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
100 East Newton Street, G-317
Boston, MA 02118

For further information contact Kara E. Boucher or 617-638-4780.