Advanced Education and International Programs

Advanced Education and International Programs supports and assists the postdoctoral departments and programs at GSDM.  Associate Dean for Advanced Education and International Programs Dr. Thomas B. Kilgore collaborates with the department chairs and program directors to coordinate each program as well as overall postdoctoral activities at the school. The office provides incoming postdoctoral and graduate students with a general orientation. This required orientation is intended to supplement each individual program orientation. The all-postdoctoral program orientation provides students will general policies of the school and the Advanced Education Committee. This orientation also provides incoming postdoctoral and graduate students an opportunity to fulfill federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Infection Control and Safety (OSHA) requirements.

This office also coordinates and publishes the Interdisciplinary Curriculum, which is a series of courses that cross departmental lines and are intended to supplement the courses and seminars offered by individual programs.  The interdisciplinary curriculum can be accessed below.  Each program director will inform students which courses are required for the specific program.  Based on the programs director’s course selections, students are automatically registered for the courses, unless they are in a combined research program. In the case of research certificate related programs please see your program director and program administrator.

Dr. Kilgore chairs the Advanced Education Committee, which evaluates, revises and implements policies affecting all programs. During your program, your program director or department chair can answer most of your questions or concerns. However, if you feel that you have further questions or concerns, our office staff is available to assist you. Carole Loughran or Liza Miller will be happy to help you.

Our office also includes Leslie Baker, Manager, Postdoctoral Research. Ms. Baker is responsible for managing the infrastructure necessary to support postdoctoral research students. Ms. Baker will work closely with research mentors and research students to ensure that all components of the research program are met. If you need to make an appointment with Ms. Baker you can reach her at 617-638-4756 or

If necessary, they will make an appointment for you to meet with Dr. Kilgore.  Our office is located in the Robinson Building, 3rd floor (Room B-307).  The office phone number is 617-638-4650.