Curriculum & Program Evaluation

Since 1994, the Division of CurriculumĀ & Program Evaluation, within the Academic Affairs office, has advanced GSDM’s vision of excellence in teaching and learning by supporting faculty, students, administrators, and staff in the:

  • Design, development, and delivery of instruction grounded in educational research and practice;
  • Assessment and evaluation of educational programs, processes, and outcomes, enabling continual improvement and adaptation by helping anticipate rapid changes in health care, science, technology, and education;
  • Analysis of internal and external factors that impact the curriculum, instructional methods, patient services, and student quality of life;
  • Analysis, interpretation, and use of data to guide empirically based administrative decision-making;
  • Study of learning and learning to measure impact and develop new methodologies;
  • Dissemination of educational research in higher education that can be applied to dental education; and
  • Preparation for accreditation.