Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics articulates the behavior we expect of all members of our community—faculty, students, staff, researchers, and administration. The Code reflects our values and our day-to-day professional aspirations for carrying out our mission by caring for our patients, teaching, learning, conducting research, and interacting with our colleagues. Our core values and their associated behaviors emerged from a collaborative effort by all members of our community and they apply to us all.

This Code describes how we aspire to conduct ourselves—it is not a set of rules. Our Code of Student Conduct, which describes prohibited behavior and procedures for addressing prohibited behavior, is found in section two of article V of the GSDM Bylaws. Similar documents related to staff and faculty are found in the Boston Medical Center Human Resources Manual and in the Boston University Faculty Handbook.

Our five core values are:

We define these core values and their associated behaviors in the manner described on the following pages.