50th Anniversary

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In 2013, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of our School in 1963 with an exciting, yearlong celebration. Over the year, many have joined in reflecting on all that has happened since Dr. Henry M. Goldman generated the idea of starting a Division of Stomatology in the Department of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine in 1958. Even at that time, Dr. Goldman already had a pretty clear vision of how the School would evolve.

When the division actually became the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry in October of 1963, there were a handful of dedicated faculty who were putting together some of the most outstanding post-doctoral programs in the world. Some of the specialties were fairly new—Dr. Goldman essentially invented the field of periodontology.

Very quickly, the work of several of our early stars—Booth, Frankl, Gianelly, Goldman, Jong, Kramer, Schilder, Sinibaldi, and several others—brought us a national and international reputation. We soon became well known for scientific and clinical excellence in the specialties and innovation in dental research. For instance, my predecessor, Dean Spencer Frankl, led the investigative studies showing the effectiveness of fluoride in the prevention of dental decay.

It has also been interesting to think about how we have grown physically, from a couple offices in the Talbot Building, to a homely brownstone tenement building on East Newton Street and then to our current building at 100 East Newton Street, which originally was only three stories. With the development of our DMD programs, the top four stories were built in the early ‘70s. Now we are virtually all over the Medical Campus and on the verge of growing even more as we continue to move forward in acquiring our new proposed facility.

Initially, we were not known very well in the neighborhoods of Boston. Now we have, clearly, the most comprehensive community service programs in the state and several other academic and community service programs that literally span the globe. We have the largest federal grant in the US for the dental care of patients with HIV/AIDS, and  since 2001, we have led the Northeast Center for Research to Evaluate and Eliminate Dental Disparities (CREEDD). In addition to its research projects, the Center serves as both a regional and a national resource in efforts at eliminating oral health disparities.

In spite of our accomplishments, we are still progressive, young, and vital. My vision for the School is dynamic and forward looking as our Applied Strategic Planning process encompasses all aspects of our programs, our community, and our GSDM family.

Our 2013 celebration kicked off in a big way at our traditional Alumni Reception at the Yankee Dental Congress on February 1, 2013, and was followed by a full agenda of celebratory events involving our whole family—students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

The worldwide celebrations included receptions and gatherings at the following: an alumni reunion in Scottsdale, Arizona; ADEA Annual Session in Seattle; a reunion hosted by the Italian Alumni Association in Verona;  Donald F. Booth Education Day & Return to Residency Program in Boston; CDA Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California; Global Days of Service; AAE Annual Session in Honolulu; AEGD Alumni Reunion in Boston; AAO Annual Session in Philadelphia; BU Commencement Weekend; AAPD Annual Meeting in Orlando; International Symposium on Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry in Boston; AAP Annual Session in Philadelphia; Endodontic Alumni Association Fall Meeting in Quebec City; cake party for the official 50th anniversary of GSDM; Gerald M. Kramer Periodontology Symposium in Boston; BU Alumni Weekend; Orthodontic Mini-Residency for GSDM Orthodontic Alumni in Boston; Anthony A. Gianelly Orthodontic Symposium in Boston; ADA Annual Session in New Orleans; and the Anthony Jong Awards Ceremony during the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Boston.

A very special thank you to the members of our 50th Anniversary Planning Group: Tom Kilgore (Planning Group Chair), Ms. Mary Becotte, Dr. Joe Calabrese, Dr. Lee Chou, Dr. Shadi Daher, Dr. Neal Fleisher, Dr. Paula K. Friedman, Dr. Michelle Henshaw, Mr. Kevin Holland, Mr. Tim McDonough, Ms. Lindsay McHugh, Dr. Carl McManama, Ms. Stacey McNamee, Dr. Ron Nevins, Dr. Jan Peters, Dr. Steve Polins, Dr. Mitch Sabbagh, and Dr. Tina Valades.


Jeffrey W. Hutter, DMD, MEd
Dean and Spencer N. Frankl Professor in Dental Medicine