Professional Ceremony marks DMD 23 and DMD AS 21’s entry into dental profession

On July 26, 2019, 204 students – brand-new to the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GDSM) — crossed Talbot Green under the midday summer sun and entered a large white tent, waving excitedly to family and friends as they prepared to confirm their commitment to the field of dentistry as part of GSDM’s 2019 Professional Ceremony.

“Today is an important rite of passage,” said Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter during his opening remarks. “You are here today because you have chosen dentistry as your career, and you are enrolled at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine because you have worked very hard in achieving the credentials necessary for acceptance into what is considered one of the – if not the – finest dental school in the United States and the world.”

The professional ceremony marks a student’s entry into the field of dentistry and signifies their commitment to promoting the integrity of the profession and to serving the needs of those who require oral healthcare. Approximately 600 people attended this year’s event, which took place at the end of the first week of orientation and celebrated the entering members of the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Class of 2023 and DMD Advanced Standing (DMD AS) Class of 2021.

Dr. Karen Antman, Provost of the Medical Campus and Dean of the Boston University School of Medicine, congratulated the students for joining the Boston University Medical Campus, and offered an introduction to Boston University (BU), complete with key statistics about the university and the accomplishments of BU faculty.

Dr. Larry Dunham, clinical assistant professor of General Dentistry and director, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, delivered this year’s keynote address, touching upon the importance of trust, collaboration, and self-regulation during students’ time in dental school as well the changing face of dentistry.

“You are the change agents,” he said, “Many of the positions that you will hold in dentistry 20 years from now do not currently exist. It is up to you to apply the knowledge that you will receive from our curriculum in your uniquely creative way.”

After Dr. David Russell, GSDM Assistant Dean of Admissions, presented the DMD 2023 and DMD AS 2021 classes to Dean Hutter, one by one, the students crossed the stage to receive a Boston University pin from Dr. Russell, congratulations from several faculty and to pose for a photograph with Dean Hutter and Provost Antman. After receiving their pins, they recited the professional oath, in which the students pledged themselves to the service of humanity, patients, community, and profession.

“You join this profession at an exciting time,” Dean Hutter said in his closing remarks. “Always a dynamic profession, dentistry today is on the cutting edge of healthcare research and technology. Whether you choose patient care, research, education, or health policy as a focus in your career, as a graduate of the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, you will be well prepared to meet the challenges that lie before you.”

For photos of the event, click here.