Students and Faculty Represent GSDM at MDS Events

Picture2On January 24, 2018 and January 25, 2018, students and faculty from the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) attended and were honored at two Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) events. The first event, The MDS Leadership Academy, was attended by Julia Hadley DMD 18 and Dr. Kady Rawal AEGD 10 DScD 18 , Clinical Assistant Professor of Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials. The second event, the MDS Foundation Ambassador Awards, was attended by Drs. Paula Friedman, Emeritus Professor of General Dentistry, and Dr. Kady Rawal.

On January 24, Julia Hadley DMD 18 and President of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) GSDM chapter was invited to participate in the MDS Leadership Academy along with mentor, Dr. Kady Rawal. The event aims to hone leadership skills among participants through interaction and a lecture series. It was the first of five leadership events that will take place in 2018, culminating in a certificate of completion and graduation ceremony during the Yankee Dental Congress 2019.

Picture1Next, on January 25, Drs. Paula Friedman and Kady Rawal were awarded the title of MDS Foundation Ambassadors for their outreach effort called Saving Senior Smiles. The outreach was made possible due to a MDS grant in 2017 and involves oral health education for community-dwelling senior citizens. The last Saving Senior Smiles Event was scheduled on February 28, 2018 at Golda Meir Retirement Community in Newton and there are several upcoming summer events in other Boston Neighborhoods.

Congratulations to Dr. Friedman, Dr. Rawal, and Ms. Hadley for their awards from the Massachusetts Dental Society,” said Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter. “The MDS is a fantastic organization, and we are proud to have our School recognized by them.”