Students Reflect on Externship Experiences Part 2

Dean Hutter, Dr. Michelle Henshaw, and Dr. Laisheng Chou with the students who visited England, Japan, and Thailand.
Dean Hutter, Dr. Michelle Henshaw, and Dr. Laisheng Chou with the students who visited England, Japan, and Thailand.

On Friday, January 19, 2018 eight DMD students at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) gave presentations on their International Externship Exchange Program experiences in England, Japan, and Thailand. Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter, Dr. Laisheng Chou, and Dr. Michelle Henshaw hosted the presentations.


Bakr Amin DMD 18, Diala Chahine DMD 18, Sarah Kim DMD 18, and Caroline Michaels DMD 18 visited the University of Manchester (UoM) in the United Kingdom during the first two weeks of July, 2017. They were accompanied by Dr. Michelle Henshaw, Associate Dean for Global & Population Health. 

During their first week, the group spent time in the Genomics Laboratory, which focuses on research related to the study of brachial arch development; and the Pediatric/Orthodontic and Prosthodontic Clinic, where they set up four chairs facing each other, with the philosophy that children observing other children being cooperative will encourage their cooperation during treatment.

The second week was spent in the Dental Public Health Predoctoral Restorative Clinic, the Implant Clinic, the Cochrane Oral Health Group, the Dental Materials Laboratory, and in a Dental Materials Lecture, as UoM is a leader in the development of cutting-edge dental materials. The Predoctoral Restorative Clinic and the Cochrane Oral Health Group were highlights for the students. The Restorative Clinic assigns each student to assist another student for every procedure before switching off the following week. No implants or digital dentistry is done in the clinic and all laboratory work is sent to in-house dental technicians. The Cochrane Oral Health Group, located within the university, is an international network of healthcare professionals, researchers, and consumers preparing, maintaining, and disseminating systematic reviews of randomized controlled clinical trials in oral health.


The next Externship group, made up of Tien Do DMD 18, Delaney Jorgensen DMD 18, Sasha Manchanda DMD 18, and Jeremy Nguyen DMD 18 visited Japan and Thailand, specifically the Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) in Tokyo and the Chulalongkorn University (CU) Faculty of Dentistry in Bangkok. They were accompanied by Dr. David Russell, Assistant Dean of Admissions.

TMDU was the first national school of dentistry in Japan, and is largely focused in dental research. In fact, many of the products used in the clinic daily were invented at TMDU. While in Tokyo, the students observed in seven different clinical specialties, including orthodontics; sports dentistry; general dentistry; cariology and operative dentistry, prosthodontics, implantology, and the Fresh Breath Clinic. The Fresh Breath Clinic was a highlight of the experience, as the students were able to measure the three types of volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) that cause halitosis suing the Gas Chromatography Measurement.

Tokyo is also a major tourist and cultural hub, which Dr. Russell and the students took full advantage. They visited the Tsukiji Fish Market, Shibuya Crossing, Akihabara, and Ginza in Tokyo, and then ventured to Kyoto on the Bullet train where they visited Kinkakuji, Arashiyama, and were treated to a traditional Japanese meal and even wore traditional Japanese clothing.

The next stop, after a brief flight, was Chulalongkorn University. Once in Bangkok, they were welcomed with a packed itinerary, featuring visits to the Royal Mobile Dental Unit; Maxillofacial Prosthodontics; the new Dental Simulation Laboratory; and observation in the major surgery operating room, where the students observed a Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy (BSSRO) setback procedure. A highlight for the group was their participation in the CU community outreach program as they visited area schools and interacted with patients there. In addition, they also visited an orphanage for patients with special needs or who were medically compromised and required special care.

Outside of the School, the students took in various aspects of the Thai culture. The visited Wat Phra Kaew, Pattaya, and took a cooking class at the Siom School.