GSDM Prosthodontic Alumni Gather at Reception in San Francisco

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, members of the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) community gathered at the MKT Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco for an alumni reception held during the 47th Annual Session of the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP). The reception was hosted by Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter and Dr. Dan Nathanson, Professor and Chair, Department of Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials.

1L4A1845Both Dean Hutter and Dr. Nathanson provided remarks during the reception which was held from 7 – 9 p.m.  Dean Hutter then took the opportunity to update the alumni as to the status of the GSDM Addition and Renovation construction project, slated to break ground in January 2018.  The alumni were also treated to a 3D virtual experience of the new building, using 3D glasses that utilize mobile devices to give users a life-like tour of the project. Dean Hutter also played for them the latest video rendering of the exterior and interior of the building, which gives viewers a complete view of the School’s new space.  Dean Hutter also recognized Dr. Robert Taft, President-elect of the ACP, and his wife Camille, and invited all of the attendees to the 2018 ACP Annual Session at which Dr. Taft will preside as the President of the ACP.   He then concluded his remarks by introducing Amanda Warren, GSDM Director of Meetings & Events, and thanking her for organizing the 2017 GSDM ACP Alumni Reception.

The ACP Annual Session, which drew around 1,200 attendees, featured the theme, “Transforming Prosthodontics: Bridging the Gap between Current Practice and Future Trends.” GSDM also had three posters featured during the Digital Poster Session held on the third day of the meeting. Prosthodontics resident Asmaa Bukhari PROS 20 presented a poster entitled, “Ridge Augmentation and Soft Tissue Management in Restoring Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors: A Clinical Case Report.” Resident Haidar Ali Alalawi PROS 20 presented his poster, titled, “Functional and Esthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Amelogenesis Imperfecta: A Clinical Case Report. Lastly, Prosthodontics resident Peixi Liao PROS 18 presented her poster, “The Evaluation of a Digital Mandibular Tracing System and Comparison on Digital and Analog Workflows.”

“Thank you to all of our GSDM alumni, family members and friends of GSDM who attended the reception,” said Dean Hutter. “It is an exciting time in our School’s history, and I was very happy to share the latest updates regarding the Renovation and Expansion project.”

Alumni and faculty in attendance were: Khaled Aikaabi PROS 19; Debbie Adar; Pinnas Adar; Haidar Alalawi PROS 20; Othman Alsulaimani PROS 19; Abdallah Awada PROS 14; Druthil Belur DMD 07; Alexander Bendayan PROS 05 Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials and Assistant Dean for Digital Development and Clinical Training; Asmaa Bukhari PROS 20; Walid Hafiz PROS 19; Pro-Hsu Chen PROS 18; Arthur Sun PROS 82; Alexandre Gagne PROS 18; Graziano Giglio; Zmore Giglio; Abad Hassan; Celeste Kong PROS 84 DMD 87 Professor and Chair of the Department of General Dentistry; Peixi Liao PROS 18; Thamer Marghalani PROS 05; Alsafe May Aidararous; Carolos Moglianesi; Steve Morgano; Dan Nathanson PROS 90 DPH 85; Tom Olsen of Nobel Biocare; Gustavo Perdomo PROS 85 DMD 99; Michel Raad PROS 08; Mohammed Rawas; Shervin Tabesfar PROS 85 DMD 99 and his wife Marieh; Robert Taft and his wife Camille; Matthew Zizmor PROS 80 and his wife Maxine.