GSDM Patient Coordinators Sporting New Duds!

IMG_0728Beginning in January 2017, all patient coordinators are now wearing a uniform of black pants, white polo shirts and black & red jackets for the winter. The jacket is adorned with Rhett and GSDM branding.

This uniformity of dress will assist patient care by making all patient coordinators easily recognizable throughout the building.

Director of Clinical Operations, Mr. Jon Synnott, explained the motivation for the new look. “Coming from a customer service background I am very aware that first impressions last, be it first visual of the staff or the first verbal interaction. We are committed to making this first impression a positive one. All patients should be made feel welcome and a valued customer within the school. With so many staff walking the floors of the school having a uniformly dressed patient coordinator makes it easy for the patients to identify the staff members who can help them most from an appointment or billing perspective, thus making each experience a positive one.”