Dr. Russell Giordano Awarded for Standard Setting Work

Dr. Giordano and Chair of the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products Dr. Jeff Zawada

The American Dental Association (ADA) presented Dr. Russell Giordano the award for Significant Contributions, Dedication and Commitment to the Voluntary Standards Program for Dental Products at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products (SCDP) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Giordano is Associate Professor in the Department of Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials and Director of Biomaterials at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine and Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering at Boston University College of Engineering.

SCDP is one of two committees that make up the ADA Standards Program, which consists of volunteers who set standards for dental materials, products, and technologies to ensure the health and safety of patients and dental professionals. (The second committee is the Standards Committee for Dental Informatics.)

The SCDP includes 34 voting members from the dental industry, academia, and government.  The standards the group creates are developed in its 9 subcommittees and 65 working groups. The subcommittees are: restorative materials and orthodontics, prosthodontics materials, terminology, instruments, infection control, equipment, implants, oral hygiene products, and CAD/CAM.

Dr. Giordano works on two of these working groups. He is Vice Chair of working group 2.2, on Porcelain and Metal Ceramic Systems, and Chair of working group 9.65, on Machinable Blanks. He is the American expert on ceramics to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and convenes the ISO’s working group 9.6 on CAD/CAM blanks.

“I am delighted to see Dr. Giordano recognized for his ongoing work as a leader in the dental product industry,” said Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter. “I also applaud him for the exemplary ethics he has shown in setting standards with both the ADA and ISO.”

Dr. Giordano’s expertise lies in the fabrication of multiple phase interpenetrating ceramic composites, the effects of machining and polishing conditions on ceramic materials, and new materials analysis.

In 2013, Dr. Giordano introduced Enamic, a new hybrid ceramic material, with German porcelain manufacturer VITA Zahnfabrik. A flexible ceramic, Enamic combines the best properties of a traditional composite resin with those of a conventional ceramic. It withstands stress better than a conventional ceramic and is easier to work with.