GSDM Serves around the Globe in the Month of April

GSDM volunteers at Cradles to Crayons
GSDM volunteers at Cradles to Crayons

Throughout April 2014, Boston University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and their families and friends participated in Global Days of Service, an initiative offering service opportunities to Boston University friends worldwide. At GSDM, Global & Population Health (GPH)and Alumni Relations offered several volunteer opportunities designed specifically for our GSDM family.

“I am very pleased to see how many of our community members consistently participate in Global Days of Service,” said Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter. “The volunteer opportunities are a great way to get together as a team and make a positive impact on the community.”

“Global Days of Service 2014 was a huge success!” said Associate Dean for Global & Population Health Dr. Michelle Henshaw in a School-wide email. “The events organized by GSDM were fully staffed and the donations for the collection drives have already made a difference in the lives of the populations or groups for which they were intended.”

Clothing (and more) drives

Each week in April, GPH organized collections for local organizations, including Pine Street Inn (April 1–4), the Boston Living Center (April 7-11), Greater Boston Food Bank (April 14-18), Cradles to Crayons (April 22-26), and Orchard Gardens School (April 28-30).

Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Stacey McNamee, Program Administrator Sheree Norquist, and Clinical Instructor and Oral Health Promotion Director Kathy Lituri helped organize the collections.

For the Pine Street Inn, volunteers collected personal hygiene and toiletry items, umbrellas, new socks, gift cards, and other seasonal items.

For the Boston Living Center, bedding, household items, art supplies, and gift cards were collected.

On week three, the volunteers collected non-perishable food items for the GBFB.

For Cradles to Crayons and Orchard Gardens School, GSDM volunteers collected clothes and shoes for children newborn to age 12.

Pine Street Inn Learn and Serve

On April 1, GSDM participated in Lunch and Serve at the Pine Street Inn, a half-day opportunity that combined hands-on service with an educational tour of the Inn. The event provided volunteers with a deeper understanding of the issues of homelessness, poverty, and Boston’s lack of affordable housing. Boston University volunteers worked in the kitchen to assist in preparing some of the more than 2000 meals prepared at the Pine Street Inn each day.

Volunteers included: Clinical Instructor Cynthia Cadoret; Clinical Instructor Dee Devlin; Intern Shennell Howard; Professor Elizaeth Kaye; Clinical Instructor Ana Keohane; Clinical Instructor and Oral Health Promotion Director Kathy Lituri; Program Administrator Sheree Norquist; Research Clinical Examiner Maria Nunez Bibby; Instructor Thayer Scott; Andrew Soule-Hinds DMD 15; and Clinical Instructor Martin Ugarte-Chavez.

Relay for Life, Boston University 

The Boston University Relay for Life took place at the Track and Tennis Center on the Charles River Campus beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 5, and running until 6 a.m. Sunday. This is GSDM’s sixth year participating in the 12-hour, overnight event, where GSDM students, faculty, staff, and friends walk the track to honor cancer survivors, remember people who died of cancer, and raise money for the American Cancer Society.

The team members were: Dalal Alhaji DMD 14; Ingy Alhelawe DMD 15; Assistant Dean of Students Joseph Calabrese and his sons Joey and Tommy; Julian Camestra DMD 15; Clinical Instructor Gladys Carrasco; Christopher Chan DMD 15; Margi Chan DMD 16; Michelle DaRocha DMD 15; Richard Flynn DMD 17; Tina Giannacopoulos DMD 15; Siavash Golaby Sanajany Golaby DMD 15; Johnny Gonzalez DMD 15; Shruti Handa AS 15; Gregory Hein DMD 14; Assistant Director of Pre-doctoral Research Afaf Hourani; Dean Jeffrey and Mrs. Kathy Hutter; Clinical Instructor Ana Keohane and her daughters Emma and Sophia; Professor Thomas Kilgore; Dave Lane DMD 16; Amal Lattouf DMD 15; Lana Le DMD 16; Clinical Instructor and Oral Health Promotion Director Kathy Lituri; Antonio Maceda-Johnson DMD 15; Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Stacey McNamee; Matt Mara DMD 16; Keely Matheson DMD 15; Jessica Metcalf DMD 15; Kaushel Patel AS 15; Carol Patel DMD 16; Shivani Patel DMD 16; Marium Qureshi AS 15; Clinical Assistant Professor Kadambari Rawal; Fernando San Juan Jr. DMD 14; Neelam Shah DMD 14; Shivani Shirgavi AS 15; Casey Smauder DMD 16; Jonathan Solomon DMD 16; Clinical Assistant Professor Tina Valades and her husband Ralph Tullberg; and Garrett Wingrove DMD 17.

Greater Boston Food Bank

On both April 16 and April 23, GSDM staff and faculty met at the GBFB to sort, pack, and inspect food and groceries for people in need. The GBFB is the largest hunger relief organization in New England and among the largest food banks in the United States. Last year GBFB distributed almost 41 million pounds of food, enough to provide healthy meals to as many as 545,000 people. The organization is committed to increasing its food distribution to provide at least one meal per day to every person in need in eastern Massachusetts.

Volunteers included: Administrator Elizabeth Anatori; Clinical Instructor Lina Benslimane; Director of Facilities & Operations Andrew Burke; Registrar Beth Bouhmadouche; Administrative Manager Sharon Boyle; Research Project Assistant Jobina Cabrera; Alumni Coordinator Leslie Caiola; Administrative Assistant Diane Dougherty; Registrar Coordinator Annie Duong; Research Project Coordinator Begona Fernandez; Director, Global Initiatives Kathleen Held; Research Project Assistant Yvrose Joseph; Research Project Assistant Ramona Lara; Clinical Instructor and Oral Health Promotion Director Kathy Lituri; Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Stacey McNamee; Program Administrator Hector Mendoza; Administrative Assistant Kelsey Mussler; Administrative Coordinator Annie Nash; Clinical Assistant Professor Kadambari Rawal; Oral Health Advocate Marisela Soriano; Administrative Coordinator Joseph Swan; and Oral Health Advocate Vicky Thomas.

Cradles to Crayons, Brighton

Members of the School’s Asian Dental Student Organization (ADSO) led one of the two volunteer sessions at Cradles to Crayons in Brighton on Wednesday, April 8 and April 25. Voted 2012 best local charity by Boston A-list, the organization provides children from birth through age 12 living in homeless or low-income situations with the essential items they need to thrive, free of charge.

Volunteers for the two Cradles to Crayons events included: Sana Banday AS 14; Assistant Professor Corinna Culler; Daniel Galvez DMD 15; Shruti Handa AS 15; Dental Assistant Chelsea Johnson; Nancy Kang DMD 17; Epidemiologist Judith Kelly; Shireen Khan AS 14; Jeongyun Kim AS 15; Jonathan Kuang DMD 17; Michael Lee DMD 15; Stephani Leung DMD 15; Stephani Leung DMD 15; Antonio Macedo-Johnson DMD 15; Tom Mosley DMD 15; Alex Nguyen DMD 17; Danny Nguyen DMD 17; Andrew Pham DMD 15; School Based Program Coordinator Paula Pina; Kenia Rodriguez DMD 15; and Clinical Instructor Martin Ugarte-Chavez.

Photos of the 2014 Relay for Life event are available on Facebook and Flickr.

Photos of all other Global Days of Service 2014 events are available at these links on Facebook and Flickr.