Safety Training Supports a Safe Work Environment

Dr. D’Innocenzo explains the Banyan Statkit
Dr. D’Innocenzo explains the Banyan Statkit

Would you know how to help a coworker who passed out? Do you know where to go in a fire? These were the questions posed when Clinical Affairs hosted three, three-hour safety trainings from December 16–18, 2013, to support a safe work environment at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM).

“One of the goals I wanted to achieve during the training was to put faces to the different components of GSDM safety,” said Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Dr. John Guarente. Trainings were divided into four areas critical to safety: medical emergency, personal safety, fire, and infection prevention.

The medical emergency segment was led by two faculty oral & maxillofacial surgeons: Clinical Associate Professor Dr. Richard D’Innocenzo and Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Bradford Towne. They reviewed the new medical emergency kit (the Banyan Statkit) and common medical emergencies, including syncope (fainting), chest pain, and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Public Safety Training Specialist Eric Anderson presented on personal safety at work upon special request from the Staff Forum. Director of Facilities & Operations Andy Burke discussed the Medical Campus fire alarms and what their tones mean. Infection Control Manager Pamela Simmons spoke about infection prevention.

Dr. Guarente continued, “It was great to have Drs. D’Innocenzo and Towne, who work so hard to support our response to medical emergencies; Pam Simmons, to address our community in a proactive manner that will help prevent infection prevention infractions; Eric Anderson, to work towards our achieving a better understanding of the safety tools that we have; and Andy Burke, to truly teach us the differences in the beeps of our fire alarm system.”

“I thought the week was an informative success and I hope to be part of the group that develops an even better series next year.”