“We Like to Party” the Spirit of Staff Halloween Gathering

Staff in their Halloween garb
Staff in their Halloween garb

“Never get old as you grow old. I will always be young at heart as well as act it.” So declares Halloween party costume contest co-winner Roger Reizovic, who appeared as Mr. Six and performed the Six Flags character’s signature dance to “We Like to Party” at the Staff Forum Halloween Party, held November 1, 2013. On most days, Reizovic is the GSDM equipment technician, though he has also been known to appear as an astronaut, a Ghostbuster, and as GSDM Santa.

Many GSDM staff members at the Halloween party appeared to share Reizovic’s resolve to remain young at heart, including Lab & Gold Coordinator Laila Irqsusi who, dressed as a belly dancer, tied Reizovic in the costume contest. She also performed for the crowd. Other staff appeared in daring guises, which included an ‘80s chick (Larissa Weiner), the Pink Power Ranger (Latoya Johnson), queen (Kimberly Whitaker), goddess (Sarah Irias), witch (Stephania Flores), the Devil (Rebecca Johnson), and Rastafarian (Roslyn George).

Many treats were provided at this first major Staff Forum event of the fall season. “Eyeballs” floated in “blood” punch, good for washing down the lunch, cupcakes, and candy presented. The Staff Forum also held a raffle for prizes.

The fun and camaraderie at the Staff Forum Halloween Party is a display of Applied Strategic Plan Goal 6 in action. Goal 6 aims to “Sustain an environment of mutual respect and a strong sense of community and ownership.”

“I am so pleased to see our staff enjoying this festive occasion as a community,” said Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter. He continued, “I look forward to hearing about their future fun-filled gatherings.”

Photos are available on Facebook and Flickr.