GSDM Continues Volunteer Efforts at Mattapan Health Revival

(l-r) Vanessa Thai and Jae Kwak, both DMD 16
(l-r) Vanessa Thai and Jae Kwak, both DMD 16

The Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine’s (GSDM) chapter of the Student National Dental Association (SNDA) organized School volunteers for the Mattapan Health Revival on Saturday, September 7, 2013.

The mission of Mattapan Community Health Center is to improve the quality of life for residents of Mattapan and surrounding communities by providing comprehensive, accessible, affordable, and culturally appropriate community health care services, including primary and preventive health services.

Oral Health Promotion Director Kathy Lituri and Clinical Instructors in the Department of Health Policy & Health Services Research Drs. Lina Benslimane and Martin Ugarte-Chavez joined student volunteers at the event. The group worked alongside Dr. Lisa Thompson DMD 05, interim director of Mattapan Community Health Center Dental Services.

Volunteers offered oral health promotion and dental screenings to 68 adults and 41 children.

“This was an excellent opportunity to interact with families that call Mattapan their community and learn about some of the health issues they face,” said Kathy Lituri.

The student volunteers included: Abdul Rahman Addas AS 14; Roua Al Timimi AS 15; William Alvarez, pre-dental student; Sana Banday AS 15; Richa Bhatt AS 15; Eamon Chory DMD 15; Shruti Handa AS 15; Brahmleen Kaur AS 15; Marissa Kobewka DMD 15; Abhiroop Kotha AS 15; Sai Ramani Krishna Kumar AS 15; Jae Kwak DMD 16; Luri Lee DMD 16; Alyssa Mazzoli DMD 16; Ryan Pasiewicz DMD 16; Alyssa Peracchio DMD 16; Andrew Pham DMD 15; Daniella Rizzo DMD 16; Siavash Golaby Sanajany DMD 15; Amrita Sandhu DMD 15; Himanshu Shah DMD 15; Ali Basha Shaik AS 15; Shivani Shirgavi AS 15; Vanessa Thai DMD 16; Bernadete Therriault AS 15; Divya Upadhyay AS 15; and Amanda Yip DMD 16.

SNDA Community Service Coordinator Alyssa Mazzoli was instrumental in planning GSDM’s participation in the event. “What I love most about the Mattapan Health Revival is its focus on overall wellbeing,” she said. “It is an honor to be able to provide free oral screenings alongside fellow health providers, who also recognize that oral health is just as important as general health. For some people, this was the first time even receiving an oral screening! Being able to provide this for the community is what keeps me coming back.”

“Thank you to the SNDA chapter at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine and all the students who participated in the Mattapan Health Revival,” said Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter. “Your efforts enhanced your dental education and provided essential services to the community.”

Photos are available on Facebook and Flickr.