Perio & Oral Biology Graduates Honored at Dinner

Dr. Serge Dibart, Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter, the late Dr. Oreste Zanni, and Dr. Philip Trackman with 2013 Periodontology & Oral Biology graduates
Dr. Serge Dibart, Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter, the late Dr. Oreste Zanni, and Dr. Philip Trackman with 2013 Periodontology & Oral Biology graduates

Class of 2013 Periodontology & Oral Biology graduating residents and students were honored at a dinner hosted by Professor and Chair of Periodontology & Oral Biology Dr. Serge Dibart at the BU Castle on July 2, 2013.

The evening included a cocktail hour, a buffet dinner, the presentation of awards, and many warm congratulations and words of thanks.

Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter welcomed the guests and extended his sincere congratulations to the graduating residents and students. Dean Hutter recognized Dr. Serge Dibart and Director of Graduate Programs in the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology Dr. Philip Trackman as well as Henry M. Goldman Distinguished Scientist Dr. Frank Oppenheim. He also recognized the faculty and staff of the Department and School.

Dean Hutter said, “Thank you to the families and friends of the graduates for their unwavering support. To the graduates, I wish you the best of success in your careers and look forward to you staying in touch as you continue to be part of the Boston University family as alumni.” He continued, “I hope to see all of you at the Gerald Kramer Symposium on October 24 and over Alumni Weekend, the twenty-fifth through twenty-seventh.”

Dr. Dibart congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments and thanked the graduates’ families and the faculty and staff for their dedication to the education of the residents.

Each of the residents spoke, commending Dr. Dibart, their director and chair in Periodontology & Oral Biology at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

The evening now holds a special significance in that it was the final GSDM event attended by Dr. Oreste Zanni, Clinical Associate Professor and Clinic Director in the Department of Periodontology, before his passing on Monday, July 15, less than two weeks after the graduation reception. Dr. Zanni received the AAP Educator Award at the event.

The student awards presented at the dinner were the Morris Ruben Scholarship Award, presented to Drew Czernick ORAL BIO & PERIO 14; the Excellence in Periodontology Award, presented to Joseph Mounir Morcos PERIO 13; and the Stallard Research Award, presented to Martin Fernandez-Feo PERIO 13.

Congratulations to the 2013 Periodontology & Oral Biology graduates:

Chiung-Yun Chang PERIO 13 (CAGS, MSD); Baher Khaled M Felemban PERIO 13 (CAGS); Martin Fernandez-Feo PERIO 13 (CAGS, MSD); Roozbeh Khosravi ORAL BIO (PhD); Joseph Mounir Morcos PERIO 13 (CAGS, MSD); Angeliki Polymeri PERIO 13 (CAGS, MSD); Wan-Peng Xu PERIO 13 (CAGS, MSD); Maram Fouad T Zamakhchari PERIO 13 (CAGS, DSc); and Ahmed Elmagtouf Zarrough ORAL BIO (DSc).

Photos are available on Facebook and Flickr.