Danielle Fernandez DMD 14 Receives Pierre Fauchard Academy Scholarship

(l-r) Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter, Danielle Hernandez, Dr. Cataldo Leone, and Dr. Joseph Calabrese
(l-r) Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter, Danielle Hernandez, Dr. Cataldo Leone, and Dr. Joseph Calabrese

On July 3, 2013, Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter along with Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Cataldo Leone and Assistant Dean of Students Dr. Joseph Calabrese met with Danielle Fernandez DMD 14 to deliver the news that the Pierre Fauchard Academy had chosen her for the 2013 Foundation Dental Student Scholarship Award in the amount of $1,000.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy is an honorary dental service organization that takes pride in its tradition of presenting the Scholarship Award to dental students who have demonstrated the greatest potential for development into outstanding leaders in the dental profession.

As the Academy states in its award letter to Fernandez:

It is quite an honor that you were selected by your school’s faculty to receive this award as it demonstrates that they recognize your potential for developing into an outstanding leader in the profession because of your participation in the University, dental school, and community. As a recipient of this award it shows that you have demonstrated qualities of integrity, imagination, and initiative.

Dean Hutter offered his sincere congratulations to Fernandez on receiving the scholarship award. He said, “Danielle truly deserves this honor. I am proud to be able to present this award to Danielle on behalf of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.”

Dr. Calabrese said, “Danielle enjoys being involved! She is a great role model that all underclassman should follow.” He continued, “We are fortunate to have Danielle as a member of our student body and serving as a leader in our ASDA chapter. This honor is well deserved.”

Fernandez said regarding her award, “It is an honor to have been recognized by our school’s administration and faculty for this year’s Pierre Foundation Dental Student Scholarship Award.” She continued, “My activities both in and outside of the clinic and classroom have enhanced my experience here at the school. I am humbled to have been awarded such a prestigious award.”