Dr. Jonathan Shenkin Featured in Parents Magazine

Parents-200Parents Magazine’s Jan Sheehan spoke to Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy & Health Services Research Dr. Jonathan Shenkin for the February 2013 article, “The Fight Against Cavities.” The article offers tips for keeping young children’s teeth free of decay.

Dr. Shenkin’s tips include:

  • Start cleaning the mouth early. “A child can get a cavity even if s/he only has one tooth,” he says.
  • Lose the pacifier by age two or use one that is “orthodontically-correct.”
  • If a child has no cavities by age four, s/he is likely in good shape for the rest of childhood.
  • Insist on dental sealants

Dr. Shenkin is a spokesperson for the American Dental Association and has a private practice in pediatric dentistry in Augusta, Maine. His advocacy focuses on effecting change in oral health policy, with particular attention to the oral health of children.

The February 2013 issue of Parents Magazine is available on newsstands.