GSDM Educated on Accreditation at Special Faculty and Staff Meeting

fac_staff_mtg-200A Special Faculty and Staff Meeting held on Thursday, September 27, 2012, in the 670 Albany Street Auditorium allowed GSDM staff and faculty to learn what to expect during the Accreditation Site Visit October 24–26, 2012, ask questions of Committee leaders, and feel more comfortable with the entire process.

The meeting began as do other Faculty and Staff Meetings, with Dean Jeffrey W. Hutter asking new members of the GSDM family that joined the faculty and staff since June 19, 2012, the date of the last GSDM Faculty and Staff meeting, to stand, introduce themselves, and be recognized by their colleagues. There was also special recognition of Dr. A. Stephen Polins, who recently celebrated his 40th anniversary at GSDM.

Then, it was time for an Accreditation discussion. Dean Hutter introduced the two speakers for the evening: Dr. Paula K. Friedman, who chairs the Pre-doctoral Core Accreditation Committee, and Dr. Thomas Kilgore, who chairs the Advanced Education Committee.

Dr. Friedman explained the who, what, when, where, why, and how of pre-doctoral accreditation. She thanked the many individuals at GSDM who played a role in preparing for accreditation, noting that they are more than she could easily name.

She urged each of us to “be ambassadors of the School” during the Accreditation site visit. “We look to you,” she said, “to show others how good we are and why we are so proud of what we do.”

Dr. Kilgore discussed the post-doctoral Advanced Specialty Education programs to be visited and named the consultants in charge of reviewing each program, noting that they are faculty, staff and administrators just like our own GSDM faculty, staff and administration.

“I’m very proud of our programs and the fact that they do what we say they do,” he added.

Dean Hutter, Dr. Friedman, and Dr. Kilgore then took questions from faculty and staff. They reminded the GSDM community that if a consultant asks you a question during the Accreditation site visit, answer truthfully and concisely and be helpful and welcoming.

Dean Hutter closed the meeting and remained at the exit to shake the hands of all who attended.

Photos from the meeting are available on Facebook and Flickr.