Many New Faces at Year’s First AAWD BU Chapter Meeting

AAWD--dr_friedman-zara_nensey-200On Tuesday, August 7, 2012, the first general body meeting of the GSDM chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) for the school year 2012–2013 was held.

The mission of the AAWD is to become the recognized resource for connecting and enriching the lives of women dentists. First organized in 1892, current endeavors of the AAWD include mentorship, networking for employment opportunities, and scientific exchange. In addition, the GSDM chapter of the AAWD focuses much of its effort on community service.

The gathering of more than 30 students included many women beginning their first year at GSDM. The AAWD faculty advisor for the GSDM chapter, Dr. Paula K. Friedman, started the meeting by introducing the GSDM chapter Past President Josephine Verde DMD 13, who was recently elected as Senior Student Representative for the AAWD 2013 National Board of Directors. She then introduced Zara Nensey DMD 14, this year’s GSDM chapter president. Dr. Friedman spoke about the benefits of being involved with the AAWD and ended by saying, “I know you’re going to have a great year.”

The officers of the GSDM chapter of the AAWD took turns addressing the group. Social Chair Jaspreet Wirring DMD 14 invited everyone to the kick-off event of Shakespeare in the Commons and mentioned a potential day trip to New York City. Community Service Chair Ella Botchevar spoke about their monthly community service initiative called “Women to Women,” which aims to improve the oral health of the women of Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless women. The organization’s work at Rosie’s Place will include an event called Childworks, where children visit Rosie’s Place to learn about oral health. Fundraising Chair Sirisha Rao DMD 14 talked about continuing the tradition of Yankee Candle Sales to benefit Rosie’s Place.

The other officers on the board of the GSDM chapter of the AAWD include Vice President Alanna Yip DMD 14, Secretary Natalie Alsup DMD 14, Treasurer Neelam Shah DMD 14, and Community Service Vice Chair Michelle Li DMD 14. The chapter is still searching for a fundraising vice chair and a public relations chair.

President Zara Nensey DMD 14 concluded the meeting and invited the group to enjoy the sandwiches they had provided.

Photos of the event are available on facebook and flickr.