APEX Presentations Reflect High Quality Research at GSDM

APEX_2012_presenters-200On August 10, 2012, students and faculty filled a classroom to standing room only to listen to nine DMD 15 students and one DMD 14 student present research they conducted during their Applied Professional Experience (APEX) rotations.

The APEX first-year research rotation is based on a five-day week. Students may either dedicate two days for research training and three days for the APEX clinical assignment or three days (30 hours) for research training and two days for the APEX clinical assignment. The latter enrolls students in the Intensive Research Elective Course and is possible if they have participated in research during the second semester of their dental education on a voluntary basis or if they have prior research experience.

From explorations of the strength of different bonding materials to investigations to isolate the genetic source of a hereditary tooth development disorder, the students addressed a wide breadth of topics in their research. Following their presentations, the students fielded questions about their research from their colleagues and mentors.

The DMD 15 presenters were Benjamin Cooperman, Suyong Jeong, Matthew Green, Sara Saremi, Christopher Connell, Sonal Chhnabhai, Isha Suri, Shan Lo, and Erin Breen. Eric Harriman DMD 14 also presented.

Regarding the presentations, Associate Dean for Research Dr. Maria A. Kukuruzinska said, “Our pre-doctoral students did an outstanding job in presenting their research projects. The presentations spanned a variety of topics and reflected high quality work and commitment on the part of the mentors. Given the short duration of the research rotation, the students showed good understanding of their projects as well as excitement and pride about their accomplishments.”

Dr. Kukuruzinska continued to say that “the high number of faculty and students attending the presentations reflects the increasing recognition of research in the educational program of the school.”