Rachel Lukas DMD 13 and Dee Gulis DMD 12 Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

news-gulis-lukas-habitat-200On May 2, 2012, Dee Gulis DMD 12 and Rachel Lukas DMD 13 headed to Dorchester to work with Habitat for Humanity. The pair, as ASDA 1st and 2nd Delegates, were invited to participate by Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) Coordinator of District Affairs and Student Events Lisa Davis. Also on the team were two staff members from MDS and one area dentist.

Said Lukas, “I’ve always wanted to do a project with Habitat and this wonderful opportunity sort of fell into my lap!”

Lukas and Gulis spent the day painting the interior of the condo unit. They made a great team and by day’s end had painted two upstairs bedrooms, several closets, a bathroom, two hallways, and the living room.

“Working with Habitat was truly inspiring,” said Lukas. “The staff were extremely helpful and kind. It was a great experience to do hands-on volunteer work knowing that we played a direct part in a Boston family’s new beginning.”

Gulis added, “I really enjoyed learning all about Habitat for Humanity, how it works, how a family qualifies and is involved in building their own house, and who the volunteers are. I’ve never worked with Habitat before so it was all new to me! I hope that ASDA can continue to be involved with a project like this in the future.”