Dr. Sarkis Appointed Director ad interim of Endodontics Program

Dr. Ramzi Sarkis was appointed to the position of Director ad interim of the Postdoctoral Program in Endodontics for the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine (BUGSDM). Dr. Sarkis received a CAGS in Advanced Education in General Dentistry from BUGSDM in 1996, a DMD from BUGSDM in 2002, a CAGS in Endodontics from BUGSDM in 2005, and a MSD in Endodontics from BUGSDM in 2008. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Endodontics and Director of Educational Planning for Office for Advanced Education and International Programs.

Dean Jeffrey Hutter has initiated a nation-wide search for the combined position of Chair, Department of Endodontics and Director of the Postdoctoral Program in Endodontics. Until that position is filled Dr Sarkis will serve as Director ad interim and Dean Hutter will continue to serve as Chair of the Department of Endodontics.

"I am honored to be given this opportunity," said Dr. Sarkis. "I look forward to working with the wonderful endodontic residents, faculty, staff, and alumni. The response I received since the announcement was made has been incredibly positive and I am thankful for everyone’s support."

"Dr. Sarkis has been an integral part of the Postdoctoral Program in Endodontics at BUGSDM for several years," said Dean Hutter. "I am confident that he will excel in this leadership role while we search for a permanent director."