Student Research

Pre-doctoral Research

The Pre-doctoral Research Program at GSDM offers a unique curriculum that offers formal and didactic research training. The link above provides additional information about the Pre-doctoral Research Program, the Intensive Research Elective Course (IREC), course requirements, mentors, announcements and links to important resources such as blackboard courses and policies.

Post-doctoral Research

The Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine has long been a leader in post-doctoral education. The school offers rigorous programs in ten specialties, most of which offer the option of coupling research with clinical training. We are also host to a community of postdoctoral scholars who are engaged in mentored research in a variety of topics.

PhD in Oral Biology

The PhD Program in Oral Biology prepares students for a career in basic oral biology research. The PhD will typically require five years, with extensive didactic and research training in modern scientific approaches to oral biology and oral disease research.



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