Emerging Scholars

Ann Marie Egloff

Ann Marie Egloff PhD, MPH
Research Associate, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology

Ann Marie Egloff earned her doctoral degree in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University in 2000 and her master’s degree in Cancer Epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005.  Dr. Egloff, a Research Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology in the Goldman School of Dental Medicine and Otolaryngology in the School of Medicine, is a translational cancer researcher with expertise in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, and molecular epidemiology. Her head and neck cancer research is designed to understand the molecular mechanisms contributing to the development and progression of these cancers and to identify more effective treatments.

To achieve these goals, Dr. Egloff’s research has two general focuses: (1) defining patient tumor molecular correlates and mechanisms of response/resistance to treatment and (2) developing and investigating relevant preclinical models in order to define important molecular contributors and effective treatment strategies. This research seeks to explain how specific targeted therapies work when they do, why they don’t work, and what approaches should be pursued to improve treatment. Dr. Egloff’s work seeks to advance precision medicine through translational cancer research, an integrated effort of clinicians, researchers, pathologists and biostatisticians.


Brenda Heaton, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy and Health Services Research

Brenda Heaton received her PhD in Epidemiology from the BU School of Public Health, where her dissertation research focused on longitudinal analyses of periodontal disease predictors and systemic effects using data from the VA Dental Longitudinal Study (DLS). In addition to her research related to periodontal disease, she has a wide range of experience conducting oral health research among disadvantaged and minority populations, particularly residents of public housing, in her role as a co-investigator with the Center for Research to Evaluate and Eliminate Dental Disparities (www.creedd.org).

She serves as a faculty member in the Dental Public Health postgraduate and residency program and is an active member of the Behavioral, Epidemiology and Health Services Research Scientific Group of the IADR, and was recently elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer. Her current work includes collaborating in a large, community-based clinical trial of a behavioral intervention in public housing and is the principal investigator of a social network analysis, also conducted among women living in public housing. She has active collaborations with the Slone Epidemiology Center at BUSPH and their longitudinal cohort, the Black Women’s Health Study, within which she’s currently working on estimating periodontal disease associations through validation of self-report measures.