Researcher Spotlight: Manish Bais, DVM, PhD

in Oral Cancer Research Initiative
February 20th, 2014


Dr. Manish Bais

Dr. Manish Bais is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Bais is also an important member of the Oral Cancer Research Initiative (OCRI). With funding from the OCRI, Dr. Bais travelled to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in the summer of 2013 to receive mouse model training in the lab of Dr. Roberto Weigert.  Dr. Bais has made large contributions to the initiative with the development of an orthotropic oral cancer mouse model.

The orthotropic nude mouse models of non-metastatic and metastatic tongue cancer that Dr. Bais has developed will facilitate mechanistic in vivo studies and preclinical testing of novel targets for anti-oral cancer therapy. Specifically, he has generated mice with non-metastatic tongue tumors following injection of human tongue squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) CAL27 cells into tongues of nude mice. In addition, Dr. Bais has generated mice with tongue tumors formed by injection of SCC2 cells that metastasize to lung, bone and liver, sites of metastases of human tongue cancers (Fig. 1).


Fig 1. Orthotropic nude mouse models of CAL27 non-metastatic and SCC2 metastatic tongue cancers.

Dr. Bais is collaborating with many OCRI investigators including Dr. Maria Kukuruzinska, Dr. Philip Trackman, Dr. Bob Varelas and Dr. David Sherr. This animal model and other models still in progress can help us to better understand the biology of oral cancer as well as provide new therapeutic opportunities in the treatment of this deadly disease.