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The heart
of the CReM:
Our Tissue
Culture Facility

The Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM) of Boston University and Boston Medical Center is a physically contiguous state-of-the-art facility housed in newly renovated expansive space located on the Boston University Medical Campus. The Center’s footprint consists of 10,000 sq ft of wet bench space and 6,000 sq ft of offices.

Here, six research labs, physicists, and bioinformatics researchers work together, synergistically in a multi-disciplinary approach to advancing stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. The heart of the physical CReM resides in 1000 sq ft central human stem cell culture containing 10 culture hoods, 2 bioreactors, 2 refrigerated centrifuges and 2 microscopes with multi-channel imaging capabilities.

This state of the art tissue culture room is complemented with two additional separated tissue culture rooms, one for training and one for quarantine. The CReM also contains a dedicated small animal operating room, chemical room, radioactive room and its own cellular analysis room with a newly installed Nikon Ni-E Motorized Multi-channel upright microscope and a FACscalibur analyzer. The Center has a conference room and access to autoclave and dark room in the floor, and adjacent to the center is the campus flow cytometry core equipped with LSR2 analyzer side by side with Aria and MoFlo high speed cell sorters.