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The Kotton lab’s goal is advancing our understanding of lung disease and developmental biology with a focus on stem cell biology and gene therapy. We believe that novel treatments for many lung diseases can be realized based on a better understanding of how the lung develops as well as regenerates after lung injury.

Tia (red) Nkx2.1 (green) DAPI (blue)

We are particularly interested in defining the genomic and epigenomic programs that regulate cell fate, and a long term goal of ours is generation of the full diversity of lung lineages from pluripotent stem cells in vitro.

iPSC-derived lung epithelial cells
reseeding bioengineered lung

We have established a major research program based on the use of patient-specific iPS cells for disease modeling and the hope that it will lead in the near future to the development of novel regenerative medicine therapies.

Patient-specific iPS cell colony,
generated from a child with interstitial lung disease

Mouse lung Nkx2-1 Green CCSP Red