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The Ikonomou Lab is a multidisciplinary lab interested in merging developmental biology, stem cell biology, and bioengineering to facilitate the application of stem cells to regenerative medicine.

E10 Nkx2.1-GFP embryos

One of our goals is to understand how progenitor cells arise and take fate decisions during the early development of the respiratory system using mouse reporter strains. Our lab also utilizes high throughput, microscale technologies and biomaterials to precisely direct cell differentiation and fully automated bioreactors to scale up pluripotent stem expansion and endodermal differentiation.

E14.5 Nkx2.1-GFP lung and trachea

The long term objective of our research is the derivation of functional, transplantable tissue for the treatment of diseases that affect the lung epithelium.

mESCs in 2i media-alk phos