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Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cell Core

iPS cells are a central research tool and potential future therapeutic modality employed by many CReM investigators.

The CReM maintains a state-of-the-art bank of frozen iPS cell lines that have been derived by the CReM investigators.

The ‘stem cell cassette’ lentiviral vector (STEMCCA), engineered at Boston University, was employed to derive many of the mouse and human iPS cell lines housed in our iPS Cell Core. Many of these lines feature ‘knock-in’ genes that allow sophisticated tracking and purification of progenitors or more mature tissue-specific differentiated cells that can be derived in culture from the undifferentiated iPS cells.

The CReM’s iPS Cell Core Facility maintains frozen archived aliquots of our iPS cell lines and makes these lines readily available to all Boston University Investigators. In addition ‘standard operating procedures’ (SOPs) are maintained and made available to CReM investigators allowing them to document how each cell line has been derived. For campus investigators interested in deriving new iPS cell lines using reagents and vectors maintained by the Core, consultation with Core Directors (Gustavo Mostoslavsky and Darrell Kotton) or the Core Administrator is available, along with free banking of the new cell line.

  1. Core co-Directors: Gustavo Mostoslavsky, MD, PhD, and Darrell Kotton, MD,
  2. Core Administrator: Meenakshi Lakshminarayanan,