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Biocomputational Core

The Biocomputational Core at the CReM is responsible for the design and analysis of all biocomputational studies currently ongoing in the different CReM labs. The Core uses different platforms and pipelines (WGS, RNA-seq, differential gene expression, single cell sequencing, DGE, etc) focusing on stem cell identity, differentiation into different lineages and the establishment of cellular state.

We work together with our adjacent Boston University School of Medicine’s Single Cell Core, a facility containing state-of-the-art microfluidic and drop-seq based platforms for the capture, library preparation, and sequencing of single cells. More information available at:

To interact with our latest microarray and single cell RNA-Seq data published in Hawkins et al, JCI 2017, click on an entry below:

  1. 1. Download an excel file (42MB) with human iPSC time-series biostatistics from our Microarray profiling of major stages of the lung directed differentiation protocol (published in Hawkins et al. JCI 2017.)
  2. 2. Interact with our human iPSC-derived lung single cell RNA-Seq analyses through either:
  3. A: The Cincinnati LGEA (Lung Gene Expression Analysis) web portal or…

    B: Ian Driver’s interactive Monocle tool to look up your favorite gene in our published Monocle analysis of iPSC-derived NKX2-1+ lung progenitors (Hawkins JCI 2017; BE SURE TO TYPE YOUR GENE NAME IN CAPS ONLY).

  1. Ignacio (Nacho) Caballero
    Core Manager
  2. Taylor Matte
    Core Technician