"This book is chock full of the kinds of tools that every legal analyst should have in his or her back pocket. Farnsworth is forgoing a new pedagogical canon." - Ian Ayre, William K. Townsend Professor of Law yale Law School, and author of Super Crunchers
"This is an outstanding book. It occupies a significat and unique niche in the literature of jurisprudence and legal methodology. The beauty of this book is that iit introduces students and practitioners alike to basic methods of analysis of legal rules and outcomes across a broad range of diciplines (economics, psychology, sociology, jurisprudence, and evidence). This should become the ultimate "toolbox" for those new to, or simply interested in, the profession. - David j. Bederman, Emory University School of Law.
"The Legal Analyst provides an engaging and enlightening introduction to the most essential cocepts of legal reasoning, In execptionally clear prose, Ward Farnsworth walks the reader through concepts such as the Coase Theorem, the Prisoner's Dilemma, and Property Rules and Liability Rules--peeling away the fog and confusion that often envelops them to reveal the deep and startling simple insights that they offer. The reader comes away from the book with a toolkit of ideas that can be used to take apart and examine almost any legal issue. - Oona A. hathaway, Yale Law School
"This is one of those rare books that will actually raise the level of analysis at every law school in the country. A must-read not only for students just beginning law school, but indeed for anyone who could use a reminder of how diverse and powerful the legal toolkit really is" - Doug Lichtman, UCLA Law School
"This book is a very accessible introduction to the major ideas of modern legal thinking and a useful survey of current thinking in the feild. It covers an extrondinarily broad range of topics in a limited space and is very clearly written, studded with interesting examples and observations." - Daniel Farber, Sho Sato Professor of Law Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley