Academic and Media Services  
Martins, Arthur G.  Redstone Building, Room: 526B  617.358.1445
(Learning and Event Technology Specialist III)
Gilmore, Christopher   Redstone Building, Room: 526  617.358.1787
(Learning and Event Technology Command Center Specialist)
Admissions OfficeTel. 617.353.3100 
Leonard, Alissa R.E.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 509A  617.353.3100
(Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid)
Meehan, Alicia B.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, 5th Floor  617.353.7747
(Director of J.D. Admissions)
Bryant, Patricia W.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510B  617.353.7749
(Program Coordinator)
Carr, Christine M.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510E  617.353.7751
(Associate Director)
Lake, Peter C.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510C  617.353.3100
(Data Administrator Specialist)
Martin, Kristen E.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510B  617.353.3100
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Watts, Alison   775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 509B  617.353.3250
(Assistant Director)
Alumni OfficeTel. 617.353.3118Fax. 617.353.7744
McManus, Terry   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 205  617.353.8012
(Assistant Dean, Development & Alumni Relations)
Bicchieri, Lillian F.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 205  617.353.6647
(Development Coordinator)
Dacey, Sara   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 205  617.358.4873
(Assistant Director for Alumni Relations)
Damiani, Thomas V.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 205  617.353.3118
(Senior Staff Coordinator)
Dubin, Zach   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 205  617.353.7039
(Leadership Gifts Officer)
Kernan, Caroline S.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 205  617.358.5459
(Assistant Director, Annual Fund)
O'Connell, Nathaniel C.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 205  617.358.4756
(Leadership Gifts Officer)
American Society of Law and MedicineTel. 617.262.4990 
910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 204
Area ManagerTel. 617.358.2300 
Emergency Hotline: 617.353.2105 (after hours or emergencies)
Library Annex: 617.353.2109
Fehric, Demka    617.353.2144
(Area Manager)
Fagundes, Manuel M.   617.353.2109
(Area Manager, Library Annex)
Associate Deans  
Fleming, James E.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 303B  617.353.2942
(Associate Dean for Research and Intellectual Life)
Muir, Geraldine M.  Redstone Building, Room: 511B  617.353.3127
(Associate Dean of Student Affairs)
Tung, Frederick   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 301B  617.358.6184
(Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)
Gliksman, Charlotte   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 301  617.353.3132
(Administrative Coordinator)
Graduate Program in Banking and Financial LawTel. 617.353.3023Fax. 617.353.2444
Scott, James E.  Redstone Building, Room: 525A  617.353.3023
(Director, Banking and Financial Law Program)
Hrebenko, Nina S.  Redstone Building, Room: 525B  617.353.3023
(Program Coordinator)
Kaplan, Lorraine E.  Redstone Building, Room 523B  617.353.5545
(Assistant Director, Administration)
Buildings & GroundsTel. 617.358.2300 
BU Emergency Hotline: 617.353.2105
Library Annex: 617.353.2109
Fagundes, Manuel M.   617.353.2109
(Area Manager, Library Annex)
Campus PoliceTel. 617.353.2121 
Career Development OfficeTel. 617.353.3141Fax. 617.353.2547
Hornblower, Fiona T.  Redstone Building, Room: 333  617.353.8993
(Assistant Dean for Career Development and Public Service)
D'Amato, Laura E.  Redstone Building, Room: 333  617.353.3159
(Assistant Director, Private Sector)
DiPardo, Elizabeth M.  Redstone Building, Room: 333F  617.353.3147
(Assistant Director, Judicial Clerkships and Private Sector)
Goodwin, Carolyn G.  Redstone Building, Room: 333B  617.353.3141
(Director, Public Service and Pro Bono)
Heimann, Abby   Redstone Building, Room: 333  617.353.3141
(Program Coordinator)
Kaner, Stephanie   Redstone Building, Room: 333  617.358.6109
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Kossuth, James   Redstone Building, Room: 333F  617.358.4181
(Assistant Director for Alternative & Emerging Careers)
Leo, Maureen T.  Redstone Building, Room: 333  617.353.3158
(Assistant Director, Government and Public Interest)
Terrasi, Lisa C.  Redstone Building, Room: 333G  617.353.8981
(Assistant Director, Employer Relations and Outcomes)
Volante, Katrina R.  Redstone Building, Room: 333I  617.358.7351
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Office of Clinical & Advocacy ProgramsTel. 617.353.3131Fax. 617.353.6944
Maisel, Peggy   Redstone Building, Room: 507  617.358.2182
(Associate Dean for Experiential Education)
Enders, Therese J.  Redstone Building, Room: 528A-1  617.353.3131
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Smith, Adrienne N.  Redstone Building, Room: 528A-2  617.358.6265
(Associate Director, Clinical/Trial Programs)
Civil Litigation Program: Housing, Employment, Family & Disability Clinic, Employment Rights Clinic  
Burdick, Robert G.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207E  617.353.3148
(Director, Civil Litigation Program)
Tel. at G.B.L.S.
617.371.1234 x.1531
Browne, Constance A.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207C  617.353.3148
Tel. at G.B.L.S.
617.371.1234 x.1522
Connaughton, Mary C.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207F  617.353.3148
Tel. at G.B.L.S.
617.371.1234 x.1523
Mann, Naomi M.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207K  617.358.0375
Civil Litigation Program: Immigrants' Rights Clinic  
Diamond, Judith E.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207G  617.353.3148
Tel. at G.B.L.S.
617.371.1234 x.1525
Hlass, Laila   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207D  617.358.2846
Sherman-Stokes, Sarah R.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207H  617.353.6674
Criminal Clinical ProgramTel. 617.353.3131Fax. 617.353.6944
Rossman, David   Redstone Building, Room: 505  617.353.5011
Kaplan, Wendy   Redstone Building, Room: 510D-1  617.353.5821
Pita Loor, Karen   Redstone Building, Room: 510D-2  617.353.3131
Wilson, Brian A.  Redstone Building, Room: 506  617.353.4256
Externship Programs: Legal Externship, Judicial Externship, Government Lawyer Externship, Semester-in-Practice  
Smith, Adrienne N.  Redstone Building, Room: 528A-2  617.358.6265
(Associate Director, Clinical/Trial Programs)
Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship Clinic  
Brown, Eve J.
(Director, IP & Entrepreneurship Clinic)
International Human Rights Clinic  
Akram, Susan M.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207B  617.353.3148
Legislation Clinics: American Legislative Practice, Africa i-Parliaments, Semester-in-Practice in Washington, D.C.  
Kealy, Sean J.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 301A  617.353.8373
Communications and Marketing  
Comer-Woods, Ann M.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510  617.353.3097
(Director of Communications & Marketing)
Cahill, John   775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510  617.358.6124
(Associate Director of Digital Strategy)
Eckenroth, Lauren D.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510  617.353.0382
(Senior Writer)
Hines, Elizabeth R.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510  617.358.4893
(Assistant Director of Marketing Communications)
Lee, Erin L.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510  617.353.8011
(Assistant Director, Events Management and Social Media)
Phelps, Erin A.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510  617.358.4690
(Communications & Marketing Specialist)
Dean's OfficeTel. 617.353.3112Fax. 617.353.7400
Mailing Address: 765 Commonwealth Avenue
O'Rourke, Maureen A.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B02D  617.353.3123
Carron, Jenny A.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B02B  617.353.0406
(Executive Assistant to the Dean)
Cerrato, Elizabeth H.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B02C  617.353.0426
(Assistant Dean of Administration)
Executive LL.M. Program  
Pilarczyk, Ian C.  Redstone Building, Room: 523A  617.358.5956
Wang, Zachary H.  Redstone Building, Room: 525D  617.358.6967
(Assistant Director)
Faculty ServicesTel. 617.353.3110Fax. 617.353.3077
Totten, Martha A.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 390D  617.358.5374
(Manager, Faculty Services)
Brown, Laura   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 304  617.353.3144
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Fazio, Emily R.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 305-2  617.353.3143
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Jerome, Aleigh   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 303  617.353.3106
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Johnston, Anna M.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 304K-3  617.353.6678
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Kaleva, William A.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 305-1  617.353.2794
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Stokes, Danyelle   910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 303  617.358.4734
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Westhassel, Ken J.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 304K-1  617.353.2885
(Senior Administrative Secretary)
Finance & AdministrationTel. 617.358.2300Fax. 617.353.7400
Mailing Address: 765 Commonwealth Avenue
Cerrato, Elizabeth H.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B02C  617.353.0426
(Assistant Dean of Administration)
Garon, Michael D.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B03B  617.353.0412
(Finance Manager)
McCormick, Kealin F.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B02F  617.353.0409
(Faculty Actions and Payroll Administrator)
Michaels, David P.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B03  617.358.4760
(Program Coordinator)
Nandakumar, Jyothi   725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B03A  617.353.3171
(Director of Finance & Facilities)
Skinner, Linda J.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B02E  617.353.8747
(Facilities Manager)
Financial Aid OfficeTel. 617.353.3160 
Leonard, Alissa R.E.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 509A  617.353.3100
(Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid)
Beaudoin, Diana L.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 511B  617.353.3160
(Assistant Director)
Constantine, Cheryl A.  775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 511A  617.353.3160
(Director of Financial Aid)
Graduate and International ProgramsTel. 617.353.5323Fax. 617.358.2720
Riccardi, John N.  Redstone Building, Room: 521  617.353.5324
(Assistant Dean, Graduate and International Programs)
Balliro, Shannon D.  Redstone Building, Room: 522A  617.353.5323
(Assistant Director)
Hebard, Cara M.  Redstone Building, Room: 522C  617.353.5323
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Hitchner, Spencer T.  Redstone Building, Room: 525E  617.358.2723
(Graduate Admissions Specialist)
Marder, Lane L.  Redstone Building, Room: 522B  617.353.5323
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Graduate Tax ProgramTel. 617.353.3105Fax. 617.353.2368
Ainsworth, Richard T.  Redstone Building, Room: 524B  617.353.3105
(Director, Graduate Tax Program)
Marshall, Sara   Redstone Building, Room: 525J  617.358.5193
(Associate Director, Graduate Tax Program)
Information Services and Technology  
Help Desk   617.358.5555
Berenz, Phillip   Redstone Building, Room: 526F  617.353.4357
(Client Support Specialist III)
Dewey, Michael   Redstone Building, Room: 526E  617.358.5555 
(Desktop Services Specialist, Central Campus Desktop Services)
Ellis, Brent   Redstone Building, Room: 526C  617.358.5555
(Lead, Central Campus Desktop Services)
Legal Writing and Appellate Advocacy Programs  
Volk, Robert   Redstone Building, Room: 510  617.353.3156
Feliu, Daniel A.  Redstone Building, Room: 510  617.353.3107
(Staff Coordinator)
McCloskey, Jennifer Taylor  Redstone Building, Room: 510  617.353.3199
(Associate Director, Advocacy Programs)
Fineman & Pappas Law Libraries  
Alderman, Marlene   Redstone Building, Room: 329  617.353.8870
(Director of Fineman & Pappas Law Libraries)
Sweet, Russell L.  Redstone Building, Room: 328  617.353.8877
(Associate Director)
Frentzen, Ellen M.  Redstone Building, Room: 332H  617.358.5496
(Assistant Librarian for Administration)
Whewell, Katie E.  Redstone Building, Room: 330-A3  617.353.2332
(Administrative Coordinator)
Geiger, Terri L.  Redstone Building, Room: 206D  617.353.8881
(Head of Access Services)
Banyas, Kelly M.  Redstone Building, Room: 206-5  617.353.3152
(Evening Library Supervisor)
Breon, Mallory B.  Redstone Building, Room: 206-4  617.353.3153
(Circulation Assistant/Reserves)
Gerds, Karl   Redstone Building, Room: 206-6  617.353.3151
(Library Technician III - Stacks)
Griffiths, Corinne E.  Redstone Building, Room: 206-1  617.353.8879
(Assistant Circulation Supervisor)
Johnson, Kelly C.  Redstone Building, Room: 206-3  617.353.8412
(Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan Supervisor)
Smith, Sean G.  Redstone Building, Room: 206-2  617.353.2848
(Evening Circulation Assistant)
Research Services  
Weigmann, Stefanie B.  Redstone Building, Room: 332C  617.358.4997
(Assistant Director for Research, Faculty Services and Educational Technology)
Alexandre da Costa, Steven G.  Redstone Building, Room: 332G  617.358.6748
(Legal Information Librarian)
Bachman, David W.  Redstone Building, Room: 332E  617.353.8413
(Senior Legal Information Librarian)
Donweber, Stephen M.  Redstone Building, Room: 332F  617.353.8854
(Senior Legal Information Librarian)
Fegreus, Jenna   Redstone Building, Room: 330 A-8  617.353.8853
(Legal Information Librarian)
Technical ServicesTel. 617.353.4790 
Boucher, Linda E.  Library Annex, Room: T-5  617.353.8873
(Accounts Coordinator)
Johnson, Dominik E.  Library Annex, Room: T-6  617.353.8878
(Library Technician III)
LaRose, Allen J.  Library Annex, Room: T-7  617.353.8878
(Library Technician III)
Lawless, Anna E.  Library Annex, Room: T-1  617.353.8875
(Collection Development Librarian)
Martin, Rebecca Y.  Library Annex, Room: T-3  617.353.8876
(Digital and Bibliographic Resources Librarian)
Robble, Jennifer L.  Library Annex, Room: T-2  617.353.9329
(Information Resources Management Librarian)
Registrar's OfficeTel. 617.353.3115Fax. 617.353.7400
Ten, Aida E.  Redstone Building, Room: 509  617.353.3115
Haefner, Nicole   Redstone Building, Room: 517  617.353.3164
(Associate Registrar)
Lundberg, Kristin M.  Redstone Building, Room: 508B  617.353.3115
(Program Coordinator)
Malone, Liz   Redstone Building, Room: 508  617.353.3115
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Valli, Kaitlin K.  Redstone Building, Room: 508C  617.353.3115
(Staff Coordinator)
Room Reservations  
Michaels, David P.  725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: B03  617.358.4760
(Program Coordinator)
Reservations Web page
Student Affairs OfficeTel. 617.358.1800Fax. 617.353.7400
Muir, Geraldine M.  Redstone Building, Room: 511B  617.353.3127
(Associate Dean of Student Affairs)
Collins, Jill A.  Redstone Building, Room: 514  617.353.0413
(Associate Director of Student Affairs)
Hernandez, Brenda L.  Redstone Building, Room: 511A  617.358.5174
(Associate Director of Academic & Multicultural Affairs)
Sullivan, Kelly L.  Redstone Building, Room: 511  617.358.1800
(Senior Program Coordinator)
Transactional Law Program  
Coit, Kent A.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 201C  617.358.7105
Carter, Karen B.  910 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 207J  617.358.2001
(Assistant Director)
Web Manager  
Cahill, John   775 Commonwealth Avenue, Room: 510  617.358.6124
(Associate Director of Digital Strategy)