Jan 31st 2014 (Fri)
HRC Seminar with Stephanie Lien

Stephanie Lien

Title: Objective Assessment of Vocal Hyperfunction


Vocal hyperfunction is a voice condition characterized by excessive laryngeal and paralaryngeal tension, and accounts for up to nearly half of cases referred to multidisciplinary voice clinics. Current clinical assessment of vocal hyperfunction is subjective and demonstrates poor inter-rater reliability. Recent work indicates that a new acoustic measure, relative fundamental frequency (RFF) is sensitive to the maladaptive functional behaviors associated with vocal hyperfunction and can potentially be used to objectively characterize vocal hyperfunction. In this talk, I will discuss methods to optimize the current protocol for RFF estimation and present an algorithm that can automate RFF estimation. Validated methods for automated RFF estimation could allow for large-scale clinical studies of the efficacy of RFF for assessment of vocal hyperfunction and thus provide a non-invasive and readily implemented solution for this long-standing clinical issue.


Seminar Information

Seminars are generally held on Fridays at 10:30 AM in Room 203 of 44 Cummington Street. (Exceptions in time or location will be noted for any talks that are different).