Nov 16th 2012 (Fri)
HRC Seminar with Elizabeth Strickland

Elizabeth Strickland, Ph.D., Professor, Purdue University

Title: Behavioral and modeling explorations of cochlear gain reduction

Abstract:  The medial olivocochlear reflex (MOCR) has been shown physiologically to adjust cochlear gain in response to sound.  However, its function in normal hearing is not well understood.  In this presentation, I will present data from two lines of research that we have been using to explore the MOCR.  One is psychoacoustic research showing that preceding sound changes estimates of gain and frequency selectivity in a way that is consistent with the activity of the MOCR.  In particular I will focus on the time course of this effect.  The other is modeling of physiological data using an auditory nerve model in which the OHC gain may be adjusted to mimic the MOCR.  Both lines of research suggest that the MOCR could improve signal detection and discrimination in noise.

Seminar Information

Seminars are generally held on Fridays at 10:30 AM in Room 203 of 44 Cummington Street. (Exceptions in time or location will be noted for any talks that are different).