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  .Ayse Coskun
Recent Highlights from Our Lab:
  Coskun Named Circuit Cellar's First Female Columnist
  CC Interviews Coskun for Their 25th Anniversary Issue
  VMware Continues Funding Coskun's Efficient Consolidation Research
  Coskun and Trachtenberg Design an App-Design Project for the Intro to SW Engineering Course
  Coskun's Lab and Sandia National Labs Team Up on Computing Research
  Coskun Featured in Circuit Cellar
  Coskun, Herbordt Awarded MGHPCC Grants
  Coskun Wins NSF CAREER Award
  Hariri Institute Names First Junior Faculty Fellows
  Coskun Named Hariri Institute Junior Faculty Fellow
  MGHPCC awards seed grants to Institute members
  Coskun, Meng, and Rossell Win Best Paper Award at the HPEC Workshop
  Oracle Funds Coskun for Her Project on Improving Server Efficiency
  Design Automation Conference Recognizes Coskun, Meng
  VMware Funds Coskunís Server Consolidation Research
  Coskun Receives $45k in Funding from Sun Microsystems
  Coskun Wins Best Paper Award at IFIP/IEEE VLSI Conference

Other Research Groups and Sites:
  Center for Future Architectures Research (CFAR)
  System Energy Efficiency Lab
  WWW Computer Architecture Page