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The Musician and Ensemble Referral Services are for current, registered students at Boston University. The service aims to provide students with a wide range of freelance performance opportunities as ambassadors of Boston University. While it is primarily to help students develop their professional music skills and experiences, the service also provides a professional music service for the Boston area community and beyond.

Student Responsibilities

As a representative of Boston University
If you secure a gig opportunity through our referral services, you are regarded by the University as a musical ambassador acting on its behalf. As such, the University expects conduct and performance standards at the highest level, in all aspects of the opportunity. Any reports of unprofessional conduct regarding any aspect of a gig obtained through this service can result in suspension from the service, at the discretion of the Boston University School of Music. Types of behavior that can result in suspension include, but are not limited to: inadequate preparation, no-show, late arrival, poor customer service, or failure to find a replacement performer if a conflict should arise.

Unexpected conflicts
Once the gig is accepted, if you or a member of your ensemble cannot perform the services, you must find a replacement. In cases of unexpected conflicts, it remains your primary responsibility to find a substitute and to inform the client of the changes.


Students set their own pay rates and negotiate with the client on all aspects of the gig. We encourage you to be aware of market rates, but neither Boston University nor the School of Music offer any assistance in fee negotiations. As such, any negotiations of pay rate must be direct agreements between the Gig Board user and the client.

Current Market Rates
Standard Solo and Ensemble Gigs
This includes soloists, string trios, string quartets, brass quintets, a jazz combo, etc.:
$80-$100 per hour (Cartage fees additional)

Release of your Contact Information

By signing up for this service, you agree to release your contact information publicly through this website. Steps have been taken to prevent your contact information from showing up in public search engines, but the information is still listed on a public website, accessible to anyone in the world. By signing up for this service, you acknowledge the risks associated with listing contact information publicly.

Eligibility for Participation

You must be a current, registered student at Boston University and be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
You must register for the service by filling out the online registration form. This must be done for each academic year that you wish to participate.
You must use your Boston University e-mail account to register for the service. You have the option of listing a different contact email address publicly to protect your Boston University email account.

Enrollment Duration

In an effort to ensure that all contact and affiliation information is kept up-to-date, all entries in both the Musician and Ensemble Referral Services are removed on June 1st every year. Students wishing to continue listing their information through these services may sign up for the service again after June 1st.

Contact Person

Ensembles should be pre-formed, and they should maintain a certain consistency and standard throughout the year. Each ensemble must have a contact person. This person is responsible for submitting and maintaining any contact information provided to the Boston University School of Music Gig Board.