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Music Lessons for Non-Music Major BU Students

Policies and Guidelines

  1. Overview
  2. Non-music major BU Students will now have the opportunity to take instrumental lessons from graduate BU music majors. This program is designed with three goals in mind:

      1. Provide a service to the BU community that will enhance the relationship between the School of Music and other departments within the University.
      2. Give non-music majors a chance to continue or begin studying a musical instrument they feel passionate about at an affordable rate with an advanced performer/educator.
      3. Provide music majors with valuable teaching experience and an income source.

  3. The People
  4. The teachers in this program will be graduate BU music majors who agree to teach lessons at the program rate and to teach at BU. Contact information for these teachers will be available online. Though BU students who are not in the concert band or all-campus orchestra may be given lessons through this program, they are unable to receive loaner instruments through BUMO. Non-BU students may contact teachers on the list, but the special rate is available only to BU students.

  5. Fees
  6. The lesson rates for BU Students are:
    • $35 for an hour
    • $20 for half an hour
    These rates are an approximate average of rates suggested by graduate students interested in teaching through this program. Students will pay their teachers directly. Interested students should contact the teacher they are interested in to set up lessons. It is the responsibility of both student and teacher to contact the other in a timely manner if a lesson needs to be canceled or rescheduled. Any complaints or disputes may be referred to the BUMO office. If any teacher becomes unavailable for teaching, he or she must contact the BUMO office immediately so that their information may be removed from the list.

    Payment of instructional fees is expected at the beginning of each lesson. Payment can be made on a monthly or weekly basis, which will be determined by an agreement between the teacher and student. Only by exceptional circumstances may a lesson be taught before payment is received.

  7. Guidelines
  8. If a student cancels a lesson less than 24 hours before the lesson is scheduled, the student must still pay the teacher for that lesson. If the lesson is canceled more than 24 hours in advance the student is not required to pay. At any time during the semester both the teacher and student have a right to discontinue lessons for any reason. If a teacher discontinues lessons with a student, that student has the option of taking from another graduate teacher if one is available. If payment is made on lessons not taught, the teacher is obligated to pay back the money owed.

  9. Facilities
  10. BU students that take lessons are encouraged to use the CFA practice facilities for lessons. Use of any other facilities will have to be discussed with the teacher. Because practice rooms are not set aside for this program at this time, rooms must be checked out on a weekly basis. Four modular rooms are available for check-out, as well as classrooms and larger rehearsal rooms.