Matt Zettergren

Matt Zettergren

Phone: 617-353-7430

Email: E-Mail

Research Interests:
Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling
-Incoherent scatter radar, rocket, and satellite studies of upflowing/ouflowing ions
-characterizing the transient electromagnetic coupling of the magnetosphere and ionosphere
-computer modeling of ionospheric response to energy input from the magnetosphere (optical missions, plasma flow, and heating)
-Physics and processes governing the structure of auroral arcs
Computer Modeling
-Using observational data to drive/callibrate ionospheric computer models
-Modeling the effects on the ionosphere of non-thermal oxygen and oxygen ions

University of Memphis
- BS Electrical Engineering
- BS Computer Engineering
Boston University
- MS Electrical Engineering
- Ph.D. Student

Why I chose BU:
-There is a good collaboration between the Center for Space Physics and the Electrical Engineering Department
-Gives me an opportnity to apply my engineering background to problems in atmospheric and space physics.
- I get to work with large scale computer simulations.

What I like about CSP and Boston University:
-CSP is an active research center of people with a wide range of expertise who are willing to collaborate.
-CSP has lots of graduate students and there are plenty of department social activities.
-There are lots of interesting activities in Boston
-Boston University has an amazing recreation center; one of the best I've ever seen.

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