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Show Dates


  • 1970: Terrence Elkins (Studies of Ionospheric Irregularity Using Radio Astronomical)
  • 1970: John Hegarty (An Investigation of the Gravitational Interaction of Electro)
  • 1971: Michael Mendillo (Behavior of the Mid-Latitude Ionosphere During Geomagnetic Storms)
  • 1972: Henry Mullaney (Anomalies and Irregularities in the Mid-Latitude Ionosphere)
  • 1973: Richard Hart ( Adriaan Van Maanen's Influence on the Island Universe Theo)
  • 1973: Daniel Seeley (Development of Research on the Interstellar Medium c. 1900-1)
  • 1975: Stephen Keil (Models of Solar Granular Structure and the Interpretation of)
  • 1977: H. Crane (Non-Thermal Galactic Background Radiation)
  • 1978: Carol Christian (Investigations of Distant Field Stars and Clusters in the Ga)
  • 1980: Louis York (Calculations of NLTE Carbon II-IV Spectra in Line-Blanketed)
  • 1981: Peter Cole (Hydrodynamical Simulation of the Core Helium Flash with Two-)
  • 1984: Christopher Unger (Nucleation Theory Near the Classical Spinodal)
  • 1985: Apostolos Mastichiadis (Electron-Positron Pair Production by Ultrarelativistic Elect)
  • 1987: Ruth Daly (The Origin of the Diffuse X-Ray Background and the Formation)
  • 1989: Zhong Wang (Self-Consistent Model of the Three-Phase Interstellar Medium)
  • 1989: Michael Codrescu (Studied: Modeling the Earth)