Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center


Public Affairs

The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center is a major repository of prominent individuals who contributed mightily to history within the political, religious, diplomatic, economic, social, educational and philosophical arenas.

To varying degrees the individual collections illustrate the complexities of public life, the drama of cataclysmic social change, the resourcefulness of politicians and diplomats, the stalwartness of international humanitarians, and the dedication of clergymen, university presidents and renowned philosophers.

Admiral Arthur Ainslie Ageton

Gar Alperovitz

Anthony Babington

Andrew Bacevich

James Warner Bellah

Amram Blau

Malcolm Boyd

Honorable Edward W. Brooke

Matthew W Bullock

Berkeley G. Burrell

Harold Burson

Harold C. Case

Horace Cayton

Amiya Chakravarty

Allan Knight Chalmers

Leo Cherne

Admiral Winfield Scott Cunningham

Cardinal Richard Cushing

Joseph S. Davis

Honorable J. Edward Day

General James P. S. Devereux

Danilo Dolci

P. D. East

Hermann Frederick Eilts

Ambassador George J. Feldman

Hermann Field Family

James Finn

Welthy Honsinger Fisher & Frederick Bohn Fisher

Mildred Buchanan Flagg

Friends Community Association of North Easton

Ambassador Waldemar J. Gallman

D. Parke Gibson

Emma Goldman

Honorable Edward O. Gourdin

Ira Hirschmann

Townsend Hoopes

Ralph Ingersoll

Neil Jacoby

Bernard Johnpoll

Col. Jesse J. Johnson

Countess Catherine & Count Michael Karolyi

Tyler Kent

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan

The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Honorable Frances G. Knight

Charilaos Lagoudakis

Edward Morgan Lewis

William Bennett Lewis

Edward S. Lewis

Joshua Loth and Fan Loth Liebman

Lawrence E. Lucas

Marchesa Alda Rangoni Lucci

Conrad Lynn

Daniel Marsh

Lawrence Martin-Bittman

Honorable John W. McCormack

George McCracken

Francis J. McNamara

Robert B. McNeill

William F. McSweeny

H. C. L. Merillat

Thomas Morgan

Honorable E. Frederic Morrow

Honorable F. Bradford Morse

Norbert Muhlen

Scott & Helen Nearing

Edwin Nourse

Nuremberg Medical Trials

The Rev. Norman Vincent Peale

Progressive Party of Massachusetts

Melvin Purvis

James Earl Ray

Alfred Russell

William V. Shannon

Gail Sheehy

Charles Silberman

James F. Simon

Honorable Fernard St. Germain

Julian D. Steele

General John Strawson

Herbert Bayard Swope

Chief Judge Joseph L. Tauro

Hon. Judge George Joseph Tauro

Howard Thurman

Sue Bailey Thurman

Honorable Clare Timberlake

William Monroe Trotter (The Guardian of Boston)

Sterling Tucker

Honorable Henry S. Villard

Henry Wallich

Barbara Ward, Lady Jackson

William Fairfield Warren

Bradford Washburn

Hon. Clifton Wharton

Honorable Faith R. Whittlesey

Lancelot Law Whyte

Elie Wiesel

Ludwig Wittgenstein

William Yale

Lt. General William Yarborough

David Zilberman

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