IS&T Services Related to Research Data Management

Hosting services allow researchers to run their applications without having to manage installation and maintenance details themselves. IS&T maintains several data centers throughout the Charles River campus, as well as an extensive server infrastructure. IS&T can provide your group or department with access to these facilities for physical server hosting, as well as servers to run certain applications.

Web services are also provided by IS&T, which offers centrally managed departmental sites; providing web addresses in either the or domains.

Backup services are intended to mitigate loss of data due to accidental loss (environmental problems, mistaken deletions, etc.).  During a backup, data is copied across the network to a secure location. Backups are typically kept for a fairly short period of time (between a month and a year) for the purpose of restoring lost data (not for archival purposes). Backups generally run on an automated schedule during off hours; requiring minimal intervention by the user.

  • IS&T offers a network-based file backup and restore service for departmental servers and workstations.
  • In addition, notebook computers containing confidential or restricted University data are eligible for backup and restore services provided through IS&T’s license with CrashPlan. Any files you choose to back up will be encrypted and securely stored on a server that is off campus (in the cloud). You can restore them yourself without having to contact IS&T. (Students or BU community members interested in backing up a personal computer can take advantage of a 10% BU discount to CrashPlan for personal licenses.)

Archive systems provide reliable long-term storage of data which are typically slower and cheaper than storage solutions. The Data Archiving Service is designed for secure, long-term storage of large quantities of infrequently accessed data. It is available to faculty, researchers, staff, departments, and students doing approved research under faculty guidance. Up to 10 Gigabytes per person or 1 Terabyte per research project is subsidized – additional space is available at a cost. To apply for the archiving service, fill out the form located here on IS&T’s website. For extremely large projects, bulk storage starting at 15TB on the Shared Computing Cluster is available as part of IS&T’s annual buy-in program.

Storage systems provide large, fast, secure, and reliable disk access for high-performance computation. A number of different storage solutions are available to University faculty, their students, and their collaborators engaged in research computing through the Scientific Computing Facilities. These storage solutions are available for research and for educational use in courses related to computational science.

Research Computing consultants can help with the use of supercomputing systems, their various programming tools and packages, and data management. And they’ll assist you with performance-related issues and recommend methodologies to most effectively use the facilities.

Consulting is available for any of the services and facilities managed by IS&T. The IT Help Center is your gateway to assistance; submit a “Help” request through any page on IS&T’s TechWeb site, or write to Your inquiry will then be routed to the IS&T staff member or group that is best able to address your needs.