Training Responsibilities

  1. Interns must demonstrate (a) sufficient competence during the year to participate in internship level training, and (b) sufficient competence by the end of the training year to receive certification of successful completion. Sufficient competence will be determined through the evaluation and problem resolution procedures of the clinic – please see your evaluation form and the Clinic Policies and Procedures Manual for more information.
  2. Interns must conduct themselves in a professional manner which complies with all applicable legal, ethical, and administrative codes and guidelines. This includes the Danielsen Institute Clinic Policies and Procedures Manual.
  3. Interns must attend all training meetings, apart from excused absences, and make a good faith effort to participate in training activities.
  4. Interns must maintain their clinical caseload and meet or exceed the minimum service hour target.
  5. Interns must complete all required paperwork as described in the Policies and Procedures Manual and/or as directed by Clinic staff.
  6. Interns must make a good faith effort to keep client accounts current.
  7. Interns must consult with supervisors regarding any serious concerns which arise in clinical work, and follow through on any guidance offered by supervisors.