Training Responsibilities

Training Responsibilities and Successful completion

  1. Interns need to fulfill the following clinical and training requirements:
    1. Attend all training meetings apart from excused or other valid absences (and inform appropriate staff when absent);
    2. Participate in a good faith manner in training activities;
    3. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines, including the APA Ethics Code, Boston University policies, and Danielsen Institute Policies/procedures;
    4. Follow through on guidance from supervisors or administrators;
    5. Complete expected training hours and service hours;
    6. Meet paperwork and administrative expectations;
    7. Inform supervisors of any errors, mistakes, or high risk situations at quickly as possible;
    8. Complete the tasks specified in your Training Contract and Supervision Contract(s).
  1. Successful completion requires the following items:
    1. Fulfill the training responsibilities detailed above.
    2. Obtain ratings of “4” or better on all required [non-aspirational] competencies.
    3. Submit satisfactory EBPP samples.
    4. Have no major clinical or ethical breaches.