Internship facilities and resources


The Danielsen Institute is fortunate to have a generous endowment from Albert and Jessie Danielsen which supports the Clinic, Clinical Training Programs, Research Center, and Academic Programs in the Boston University School of Theology. The remainder of the budget comes from fee income generated from counseling, testing services, and training outreach sites. As a state-licensed mental health center affiliated with Boston University, the Danielsen Institute Clinic also has access to many university resources, including the University Human Resources Office, the General Counsel’s Office, purchasing services, information technology services, facilities and maintenance services, telecommunications services, etc.

The administrative needs of the Danielsen Institute are overseen by an administrative team comprised of Lauren Kehoe, Operations Manager; Sarah Hassen, Administrative Manager; and Michael Tschidererer, Financial Manager which provides essential functions such as client accounts and billing, building and equipment services, client check-in, paperwork tracking, etc.

Interns have their own office which includes a computer, a phone with confidential voicemail, and a high speed internet connection. The main office provides other office resources, e.g., a copier/scanner, fax machine, etc. The clinic has a secure server on which interns can write and store clinical documents. Interns receive a detailed Policies and Procedures Manual; they also have access to our small library of professional books and a growing archive of journal articles. The testing library includes all the materials necessary for psychological testing. There are various group rooms available for special meetings, and two kitchens for storing and preparing food. We currently have several audio recorders and one VCR for video recording of sessions.

Interns receive a stipend of $23,700 paid in monthly increments. As employees of the university, interns have access to a wide range of university benefits, e.g., email, libraries, fitness facilities (in some cases there are additional fees), health insurance, and tuition remission. Details regarding university benefits may be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Office at 617-353-2380. Interns have two weeks of vacation and additional days off when the university/clinic closes for holidays.