Previous Research Projects

Previous Research Projects

Religiosity, Executive Cognitive Functioning, and Health-Related Risks in Adolescence: Studies of how religious and spiritual practices relate to decision-making processes around risk health behaviors in adolescents.

Parish Transitions Project: The emotional and spiritual consequences of closing and reorganizing Roman Catholic parishes in Boston and elsewhere.

Compassion Project: Studies of compassion practices from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions.

Sacred Moments: Social Anxiety in a Larger Perspective

Sacred Gifts: A Group Intervention for the Elderly

The Relationship Between Patient Object Relations and the Therapeutic Alliance in a Naturalistic Psychotherapy Sample—Studies of the relationship between object relations, which are mental representations of self and others, and the therapeutic alliance

Religiosity Scales Project

Wellness Project: Studies of a well-being meditation for coping with stress and promoting emotional, physical, and relational health.

Religiosity and Spirituality Survey: What do people actually mean when they consider themselves to be spiritual?  To be religious?  To be spiritual-but-not-religious?

“Center for the Study of Religion & Psychology: September 2003 – August 2008″: Research activities and publications 2003-2008.