Religious and Psychological Well-Being

An interdisciplinary exploration of religious and psychological well-being took place through an annual lecture series, regular meetings of an interdisciplinary faculty research collaboration, graduate seminar, and a series of publications. Participating professors represented the disciplines of cognitive science, clinical psychology, neuroscience, developmental psychology, comparative religion, theology, and philosophy, and represent the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Theology, and School of Medicine. This project was generously funded by the Metanexus Institute and the John Templeton Foundation.

2007-2008 Lecture Series

Guest Lecturer: Wesley J. Wildman, PhD

09.17.2007 A Framework for Interpreting Religious Behavior, Belief, and Experience
10.01.2007 Spirituality and the Brain: A Scientific Approach to Religious Experience
12.10.2007 A Smorgasbord of Dangers and Delights
02.25.2008 Can You Trust Your Instincts?
03.17.2008 Peeking Behind the Ideological Curtain
04.14.2008 Make It Start, Make It Stop!
09.15.2008 Eastern Brains: Probing the Partnership Between Buddhism and the Brain Sciences

2008-2009 Lecture Series

Guest Lecturer: Don Browning, PhD

10.26.2008 Science, Religion, and a Revised Religious Humanism
10.26.2008 Broadening Psychology, Refining Theology
10.27.2008 Change and Critique in Psychology, Therapy, and Spirituality
11.16.2008 Religion, Science, and the New Spirituality
11.16.2008 Mental Health and Spirituality: Their Institutional Embodiments
11.17.2008 Institutional Ethics and Families: Therapy, Law, and Religion

Guest Lecturer: Hardin Coleman, PhD

02.06.2009 The Inter-Generational Transmission of Trauma and Recovery: The African-American Case

2009-2010 Lecture Series

Guest Lecturer: Barbara Fredrickson, PhD

02.20.2010  Escape Self-Absorption through Positive Emotions
02.20.2010  Open Your Heart and Flourish
02.20.2010  Let Biology Light Your Path Toward Growth
03.20.2010  The Dynamics of Positive Opposites
03.20.2010  Using Positivity to Bounce Back from Inevitable Setbacks
03.20.2010  A Blueprint for Character Development, Spiritual Transformation, and Lifestyle Change