Black Church Outreach Project

The Black Church Outreach project involves the administration of a survey to the members of The Black Ministerial Alliance of Boston. The survey will assess their present knowledge base, thoughts and experiences of counseling church members, mental illness and treatments for it.

The data from this survey will inform the design and implementation of training sessions for Black Pastors and Church leaders to increase their knowledge of mental illness and the contemporary best practice treatment options.

 It is expected that working from an improved knowledge base these leaders will:

  1. enhance their care of members by making informed and appropriate referrals to professionals when warranted
  2. be better prepared to support treatment plans of members increasing the member’s compliance and treatment outcome
  3. develop an open attitude towards promoting or sponsoring outreach activities from their churches to their communities on contemporary mental health issues and treatment
  4. understand and use language to describe mental illness and its treatment that will minimize the stigma of mental illness.

The Danielsen Institute will design and implement a series of training sessions based on the learning needs of BMA members and their congregations.

Team Members: Lynda Morris Parham, Ph.D. and Cherita Cloy, MTS