Current Research Projects

Empirical Dimensions of Addressing Religion and Spirituality in the Practice of PsychotherapyThis research study is designed to investigate the question: what does it mean to practice psychotherapy that addresses, takes into account, or is sensitive to, religious and spiritual issues and sensibilities? Currently we are pursuing the first phase of a larger project that seeks to understand the unique factors, dimensions, and characteristics of psychotherapies and psychotherapists in which spiritual and religious issues are intentionally considered and referred for the purposes of this research study as “Religion, Spirituality, and Psychotherapy” (RSP). More specifically, what are particular dimensions or factors of RSP practice? PARTICIPATE IN THIS RESEARCH PROJECT.

Research on Trauma and Spirituality – Dissertation research project of CPAR doctoral candidate Cecile Gunn Desmond seeking to improve treatment for trauma by understanding how traumatic experiences affect people’s spirituality so that we can better help people heal from the experience of trauma. PARTICIPATE IN THIS RESEARCH PROJECT.

Do Religious Conservatives and Religious Liberals Think Differently?—Dissertation research project of CPAR doctoral candidate Aimee Radom exploring the differences in cognitive and personality styles (i.e., ways that people think and relate) between religiously conservative and religiously liberal Christian individuals. PARTICIPATE IN THIS RESEARCH PROJECT.

Religious and Psychological Well-Being: An interdisciplinary collaboration funded by Metanexus Institute, through the Templeton Research Lectures for the Constructive Engagement of Science & Religion grant program.

Clinical Outcomes Project: Developing ways to monitor clinical outcomes for psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Clergy Survey Studies

Clergy and Clinician Interface Project: supported by a grant of the Boston University’s Center for Practical Theology.

Program Evaluation for Diversity Training

Program Evaluation for Psychotherapy Training

Black Church Outreach Project – This research project seeks to evaluate present knowledge base and experience of The Black Ministerial Alliance of Boston with respect to counseling of church members and mental illness. The results of this research study will inform the design and implementation of training sessions for Black Pastors and Church leaders to increase their knowledge of mental illness and the contemporary best practice treatment options.

The Relationship Between Patient Object Relations and the Therapeutic Alliance in a Naturalistic Psychotherapy Sample: Studies of the relationship between object relations, which are mental representations of self and others, and the therapeutic alliance.