Samaritan Institute Clergy and Congregation Care Program

The Danielsen Institute’s Clergy and Congregation Services has been selected to participate in the Samaritan Institute’s Clergy and Congregation Care (CCC) Group program. The Samaritan Institute, together with its 94 affiliated Centers, is a health care ministry committed to wholeness of body, mind, spirit and community. In 2000, the Samaritan Institute initiated a program to strengthen clergy and congregation care through the Samaritan network. The goal is to provide education, consultation, and resources to more pastors, congregations, and judicatories that are seeking outside assistance. Participation in the CCC Groups is one benefit of our affiliation with the Samaritan Institute. Dr. James Burns will represent our Center in a CCC Group. The purpose of the CCC Group program is to help participants develop effective CCC programs and methods of implementation. Dr. Burns and our Center join with nearly 60 other Samaritan Centers and their CCC leaders who have committed to initiating or expanding their CCC programs. Together, the CCC leaders and Centers of the Samaritan Ministry will be positioned to make a major difference for clergy and congregations. Participation in the CCC groups is funded through the Samaritan Institute’s grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc.